Friday, January 22, 2010


Well, a short note here to say BG is still sick but a bit better. He says he is better as long as he is vertical, lying down. Standing causes pain.
I packed an overnight case and my fave slippers and yoga pants with me to work in case they decide to do surgery and I have to stay overnight tonight. So we'll see. Has appt this afternoon for a surgical evaluation.

The gray misty weather outside is not helping anything. But, I guess we all appreciate the sun more when it comes out and oh, if it's going to be misty, cold and gray, please snow! ;)
When the weather is like this, I crave pancakes and coffee from IHOP. I know that sounds silly but that is my comfort food.

Not much time for a lunch break here but just wanted to drop by and hope everyone is having a sunny weekend where you are.
Thanks for all the comments on stitching projects. They keep my mind busy. I added the one last night to a stack now, I have accumulated on my working table to be finished in whatever mood strikes me one day.....LOL

If I'm home this weekend, I hope to get this done.

I'm sitting in silence here, if only for 10 minutes until the rush starts again. Oh, how I savor quiet.

Yep, last night Miss Abbie sensed that BG was sick. She would just sit at the bottom of the stairs and look up then look over at me. She has not figured out yet (and I hope she doesn't) how to climb those stairs. I took her up there and told her to give him some "kissie, kissies" and she did. I think it was therapeutic for both. She definitely knows what kissie, kissies means. She also knows the word Treat and will head in the direction that treats are kept. She has a routine in the morning and at night where we have to play with Chicken 1 or 2, throwing and retrieving, hiding and she loves it. After all that she scans the floor for any crumbs or anything edible and cleans it like one of those little vacuum cleaners. Then, she will play with her toys and throw them herself with her mouth and then act like she is going to retrieve afterward. That is funny to watch.
Because her favorite toys, Chicken 1 or 2 have flossy tails, she occasionally will sneak up on the ottoman and pick out a floss thread. I try to keep them out of her reach but occasionally a DMC floss label will fall off around the stitching chair and she did crunch one up before I knew it like it was a treat. I guess I will see the number when she poops it out later! LOL

For Ren, I don't think he knew. He's just like, "Give me my arthritis medicine and food 3 times at night and I will be fine.....oh, and a freshly, Downy-laundered blanket to turban in!"

Well, my quiet minutes are over. Back to the race.

Till later,


  1. Thoughts and prayers to you and especially BG - I hope all goes well this afternoon!

  2. I've missed a few of your posts Jennifer. Life in the way, I guess. I'm sorry to hear that the BG isn't feeling well. I hope everything goes well with his evaluation.

    I would love you to join you at IHop for pancakes and coffee. It's been gloomy here today too and there is something to be said about comfort food on a gloomy day.

    Sending my thoughts to you and BG.

  3. Oh my - I certainly hope BG is better soon and does not have to have surgery. I too keep a bag packed and ready to go with a book and stitching in it - just in case - too many trips to ER with my husband's health issues.

    Keeping you both in my thoughts and hoping all goes well.

    Sandy in NJ

    Glad to see you like the needles - I think I am going to order a box of each to keep and I will certainly share with you.

  4. Que le vaya bien, qwue Dios los acompañe.Besos.Olga.

  5. I hope BG is feeling better soon. You make me want iHop!

  6. Good morning Jennifer, I hope BG will be feeling better soon. I was so hoping that the New Year would start off well for you. You so deserve it. I really envy you your workrate with the needle. My projects seem to take for ever, (but I do a lot of embroidery) I have MS and my hands are too shaky for x stitch, although I used to enjoy it. Just wanted to let you know that your friend over the 'pond' is thinking of you. Blessings

  7. I hope everything will be ok with BG. Let us know. Whiner had some routines I had to play along with or he just wasn't happy.

    One of my dad's dogs still goes upstairs to his bedroom and lays on his bed and just cries for him at least once a day. Dogs know alot more than we realize.

  8. Hope BG is better soon! Pets can be so funny sometimes, can't they? And they are very sensitive creatures. I love IHOP! My favorite thing is their cheeseburger. I will get that no matter what time of day it is.


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