Monday, January 18, 2010

Seeing the world in DMC on Monday morning

Just a quick note. I briefly looked over the pic of Northanger Abbey I took at, oh my, whatever time I stayed up last night, and promise to get a better one tonight. Where did the shadow come from in my pics? I have no clue.

Anyways, the drive in was ok. No speeding tickets thus far! LOL Miss Abbie is going in to the vet for her routine shots and I just dread it. Body Guard is taking her. She was all Miss Angel this long as Ren is quiet and asleep she doesn't tear paper or run like a mad woman around the house. If he wakes, she turns into a different personality....very aggressive.
She was so sweet this morning I wanted to put her in my Lab coat and take her to work. But that would be a little silly!

My mind is still on stitching though. As I drove behind a car, I could have sworn the vehicle read DMC on the I got closer it read GMC. Well, close-enough! :0

Life in the world of color. The sun is out today and oh, so glad to see it. Temps are milder, birds were chirping as I walked in the building and it's time to start a new week.

Here's hoping you see the world in beautiful DMC colors on this Monday morning!



  1. What a beautiful way to view the world Jennifer :)

  2. Hope the shots go okay! Sometimes i think in DMC too! Must be a stitchers 'thing'! Like the new blog header pic :-)

  3. Jennifer,

    I had to laugh about seeing "DMC" instead of "GMC"! You have the stitching bug!

    Sometime I look at the DMC colors and think, "Where in the world does this color come from?" and then I'll see something - a bird, a flower, etc. and it all becomes clear!

    Poor Abbie! I hope she does well with her shots! Does she get a special treat later today if she is a good girl?

  4. I love that post!

    Hugs, peaches


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