Sunday, January 17, 2010

Longing for Spring already

Today is quite gloomy outside again. No rain like yesterday but the sky is gray and just plain gloomy. Inside it's cozy and I actually slept until 10am this morning which is rare for me. Just plain "tard" as the mountain folk say. ;)

I'm playing with our new computer and some of my old pics were transferred over to this computer and when I saw this picture of my begonias last Spring, I remembered how I miss the blooms and warm sunshine of Spring and summer. So a splash of color again to share.
I have so many things to do today, I was just listing them all to BG and he just stared at me. I'm like the energizer bunny, either wide open or out like a light.

Some I will get done and some not, but onward to another Scarlet O'Hara said. Fiddle D D

Do you ever find yourself longing for the next season? I stopped to think about it and actually when Spring gets here, then I long for summer. When summer arrives all hot and sticky, then I find myself saying I wish Fall would get here. And Fall being the most favorite time of year, and yet I still find myself wishing for December for the holidays. I think in retrospect of the year, the months of January through March are difficult for many people, including myself and most likely due to the short days and long nights. My philosophy is that if it's going to be cloudy and cold, please snow. For stitchers, we take advantage of the cozy nights and do what we do best, stitching. But still, long for Spring in our hearts.

I long for Spring this year for many other reasons. Brandon will be coming back from Afghanistan by March 26th or so, and this is another reason for Spring to hurry it's way here! My mind will be able to rest a little more at night, and during the day as far as that goes, just to know he is out of such a danger zone. Last year in February I blogged about the meaning of Daffodils and wrote about the hope for Spring, a new beginning and how Brandon brought me some several years ago now from atop the mountain nearby on one of his running adventures and these daffodils come back each year. I hope they always come back each year because I think of him that day he brought them.

Well, onward to an adventure Sunday afternoon cruise with my hubbie.

Till later,


  1. Woo Hoo on the new computer Jennifer!!! I'm glad that you got one. I've missed a few of your posts!! I too can't wait for spring to get here - winter seems like such a long time - although up north here is seems to stretch forever! Hope you have a lovely afternoon on your cruise with your DH!

  2. Oh Jennifer, I was so happy I made your day..Sharing with friends puts blessing in my heart.. Here's hoping you have daffodils peaking up from the earth soon to keep Brandons love in your heart!~ Your stitchy friend~~~ Faye

  3. Jennifer,

    I am sooo like you when it comes to the seasons. I appreciate the beauty of each, but at the end, I am always ready for what the next one brings! And yes, if it is to be cold and cloudy, then bring on the snow!

    May your daffodils always bloom for you!


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