Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Sunday afternoon drive

Yesterday, I didn't have my finished Blackbird Design January stocking with me, but I thought I did pretty doggone good matching a backing fabric fat quarter. I like it. Now, I'm intimidated by actually cutting the stocking out and fusing the fabric to it. I've never made a stocking so this will be challenging. I did see the finished one at the cross stitch store at Pigeon Forge a couple of weeks ago and they are pretty, pretty. I got some seed beads to make a little hanger for it.

I decided to get out and about again this afternoon, but this time with my honey. Both of us had the itching on this cloudy day to dig through some old relics and stuff somewhere. So, we headed out to the Martin House in Nacoochee Valley/Helen, Ga. not far at all and I picked up a few things.

I can't pass up old 50cent buttons.

yep, I like the clear ones. They are old and look like a good find for a pillow keep for the guest room.

I couldn't resist this 6 inch dish.........for 2.00 on sale. The Dutch colors, the heart, the bird at the top just had to come home with me. The back says it's hand-painted.

It's small and perfect for all kinds of things from being a great soap dish to button dish, to sitting on a shelf. I love it! They only had one.

And this is my most favorite find. A heavy, glass paperweight. I had just looked on Ebay for one of these to put some stitching behind and it's hard to find a good glass one, most are plastic.
This one was 7.00 and the glass ones I've seen in stitching shops are 3 or 4 times as much so this was a great find! I want to stitch something for Body Guard's office at work to put on his desk.

Perfect size for a one over one project. Again, a new project for me, putting stitching in a paperweight. I wonder who in the world this is? Wonder who the proud dad or mom who had this on their desk of the boy scout here?

The back looks pretty bad but I'm just going to take the rest of this old felt off and then take the pic out. Poor little boy, now a grown man I'm sure but something stitchy will be going in this one.

Before we went through the old house, which has 3 floors by the way, we went by Wendy's and I tried a Oreo Frosty and that was GOOD! Gave me energy to roam again.
I can't believe the weekend is almost over. I'm washing doggie blankets on hot water now and catching up on things, getting ready for another work week. Abbie's favorite game is "Catch me if you can" and I have got my daily exercise for sure.
I have intermittently stitched on Northanger Abbey late last night and this morning and hope to finish soon. I will post a midnight progress pic tonight.......stay-tuned.
And also, I just want to let you know to get ready for a little give-away for Valentine's. I found it at the Martin House, and it's a one of a kind. That's all the hints I can give! ;)
Till later,


  1. Great finds, Jennifer. I thought of you today. I saw some beautiful pink items.

  2. Jennifer,

    I love all your new finds - especially the plate!

    I wonder if you will find a name or date on the back of the picture when you remove it from the paperweight....can you imagine if there was and you were able to find the person and send it to them!

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful time out and about today and you found some great things. I really like that plate!

  4. You found some wonderful treasures! I love hunting through thrift stores and flea markets and feeling like I've conquered the world when I find things I love ;)

  5. This is very nice. I love the dish with the bird. I will definitely follow your blog. I stitch also, but I haven't gotten enough nerve to put my projects on my blog.

  6. Great finds!! Sounds like a good time was had by all :)

  7. Great finds. As always I enjoy following your blog. The plate it really pretty...maybe because my mother was Dutch is why I was drawn to it. Question....I too have picked up all buttons (love them) I guess it is better for value purposes to leave them on the card?

  8. Sounds like a beautiful day :)
    I just finished all of the January BBD stockings. They are so pretty all finished up ;o)

  9. Robin,
    I have been asked that many times by the shop owners when I pick them up. They ask me if I am leaving them on the cards but I don't. I end up using mine. But either way, if you have just a button collection to show off, it would be a great idea. I just love to use them on projects though!


  10. Great finds! Love that cute little plate and the buttons,too.


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