Thursday, January 21, 2010

In Sickness and in health

Valentine Booklet stitching still.
Right through the day tending the sick, I've gotten this far. BodyGuard is sick and he is finally sleeping after a couple of doses of medicine. His tummy is not well. On standby stitching away, in case we need to go to the ER. My overnight case is ready, my next stitching project is ready in bag to accompany.

I just may be able to finish tonight if I stay home!

Grey's Anatomy fans hear this:
a new episode is on tonight.......can't wait! I love the show. In fact I'm usually not a TV watcher much at all. No reality TV for me please. But I love Grey's stay tuned. I hope I'm spending the night in Grey's ER instead of our local one. :0

Well, going to get back to my "happiness"........LOL



  1. I do hope you are able to stay home and that your sick hubby is all better soon.
    Not a Grey's fan - but I know the feeling of anticipating a new episode of a favorite show.

  2. Gee, he's tougher that I'd be. Hope he get's better soon. Enjoy your stitching.

  3. Oh no I hope he feels better! Your stitching is really coming along. I completely forgot to Tivo Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice tonight. UGH! I'll have to look on and hope they post the episodes I missed tonight while I was in class.

  4. I hope BG feels better soon! I hate it when my family is sick!

    I love the colours in your newest stitch. I also see we have the same Tudor Rose scissors. They are so pretty.

  5. Hope your husband is feeling better.

  6. Oh, poor BG! I do hope he is feeling better!

  7. Your stitching looks great! I love Grey's Anatomy too. I have only watched about 10 minutes of Thursday's episode, but I am going to sit down and watch the rest of it today.


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