Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sweetness and Joy

More pics for Auntie Parsley!!!

I think she is permanently attached to me now. I need some velcro.
We took her into Walmart to get a pooper pan because evidently she is used to that and it's working well. The potty papers just line the inside.
She ate good and then she is into the eat, poop, cuddle, sleep, and then play. Repeat.

Hey Auntie Parsley.......look at my pink ears and my sweetness.......
She likes classical music too. We played that on the radio and she just tilted her head back and forth listening.
Ren is literally pissed off. We introduced them slowly. She likes Ren. Ren can't really see her. But after their greeting, he turned around and let me know how he likes her. LOL
She's sleeping on my lap. Trying to catch up on blogging.
The first store she went to was the LNS! I had to show Terrie at The Dogwood Patch our bundle of happiness. I also got some Raspberry Jobelan linen for a couple of Christmas ornies.
Everyone at Walmart had to stop and OO and Ah over her. We were the center of Walmart there. Now she's sleeping and I have to clean house now and do some laundry. I hope to work on stitching later this evening as I catch up on the news.
Till later,


  1. Cute baby Abbie. You know I LOVE pink and she looks so good in that soft pink.

    Sorry for little Ren. Just love him and feed him. He'll be okay. ;)

    Ugh. Wish we were neighbors. I could use those puppy hugs and the smell of puppy breath.

  2. She is adorable! Poor Ren, I hope he adjusts okay.

  3. What an adorable little pooch!! Pink is definitely her color....matches her ears! What a cuddle bug, wish I could have a turn. Take Care.


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