Tuesday, November 3, 2009

For Richer, For Poorer, in good times and bad.......

Yep, right when I typed about our anniversary, I guess you could say that the Little House Needleworks Heart of America may have been grounds for divorce as we were definitely trying to get this piece straight with those black lines. He cut a very thin piece of wood. I skipped making it look puffy part and then we straightened and tightened as much we could before putting brads in the edges. I thought he was going to duct tape it for a minute there because he thinks duct tape is the answer for everything......LOL anyway, my wrinkles did not come out with ironing and stretching tight, so I'm ok, if I don't turn on the light in the foyer........
After that fiasco, I'm whining that it's still got the wrinkles and he says.......please, just let it sit until tomorrow and then we will look again............and so we are staying married now and will sleep on it.......LOL. But you better bet I will be checking it out again tomorrow evening....... ;)
This is my new start, This Too Shall Pass, by My Big Toe. I have to laugh now, because I really didn't put my pics in here to blend so well after a painful framing project together..........but it fits.

Be Still and Know by The Sampler Girl. Old WIP, new snowflakes today. My lunch work.

Ok, it's about CNN time and time to work on some of this stitching.
Finishing pieces definitely lends to some sense of accomplishment.


  1. It looks beautiful. I have the pattern too and I am inspired to start mine. The best part is working together with your husband. That is something to cherish!

  2. You are just so cool, the bee's knees and cat's meow all rolled up into one special friend.


    Your New Finish looks lovely hanging on the wall, and very straight too :)

  3. Congratulations! It looks well worth the effort!

  4. Fabulous, Jennifer- looks super!!


  5. Thanks, Robin. Yes, this one was a challenge but he was trying so hard to help.

    Karyn, what a saying, girl.....bee's knees, and cat's meow....LOL You are so sweeeeeeet!

    I hope it stays straight. Those black lines were really tuff to stretch right.
    Well, on to other small ones now.


  6. I think it looks great! I really like the frame,too. I was smiling right away when you said what your next project was going to be. It does seem appropriate after how you were feeling.

  7. Lovely.


    Be Still... my new favorite saying

    This too... My new motto

  8. First off...I love the LHN frame and everything. BUT JENNIFER...tell me, tell me, tell me about that Hooked Rug next to it. Did you do that? Do you hook too? Oh tell me...I so want to learn to do it.
    P.S. like your song too...it reminds me of my Mama dancing and singing and me being just a little bitty girl :)

  9. Vonna,

    Yep, Say a Little Prayer for You song was played at our wedding reception. A fun dance.

    Any no I didn't hook that rug. I found it 2 years ago in a primitive shop and I loved it so much because of the tulips and the blue. I put it right by the front door.
    Thanks, I wish I was that talented!

  10. I think that your piece looks beautiful. Mr. Bodyguard must have the patience of a saint because my husband wouldn't last 5 minutes with a project like that. But even the professional framers have trouble with those straight lines - the linen isn't true that often so the black lines accentuate it.

    And you next project - how appropriate after that! But it's true - all things will pass.

    Great finish Jennifer.

  11. Deb,
    yes he has patience, unless it's remodeling projects, then he cusses a bit....LOL



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