Friday, November 6, 2009


This young, stubborn man is my son. A picture from cold weather training in Vermont last winter, preparing for his Afghanistan tour. Or I'm not sure you can really prepare for such a mess but anyway, I do miss him alot. My Christmas wish is that he will call me or write me a letter. That's really all I want for Christmas.

Yesterday, I was off and reading alot but didn't watch the news until 6pm when I heard about the Fort Hood shootings. You can see in my twitter from yesterday about the time this horrible shooting occurred, I had a strong feeling that something was wrong and I was worried even more extra. I felt kinda strange when I heard that this had happened. Even though he is not at Fort Hood now, I know it has them on higher alert and I know he has to be worried.

This is not the first time I have these feelings, call them crazy or what.

This afternoon at work, all of sudden my neck started hurting abruptly and thought, wow, I've been doing good with this cervical hernia in my neck but oh it hurts! Well, needless to say, when I came home my hubbie had a whiplash at about the time I felt the pain. He didn't want to tell me on the phone that he had a rear end collision wreck. He is ok. Wasn't a bad wreck but he said his neck started hurting.

So, I"m really feeling like I could possible by psychic or something. Strange. Ever have these feelings? My hubbie is trying to get me to predict lottery numbers now......LOL

I do know it's getting cold at night in Afghanistan and I'm hoping his cold weather training has helped prepare him. Why do mamas always worry? LOL
Like right now I feel like flying over there and taking him some extra blankets and socks and stuff. Crazy I know. I wish he weren't so stubborn.

After reading all the news and tonight hearing the details of the horrible Fort Hood events yesterday, I know we are definitely in the end times. Now, I know I can't be right on that because no one will know but it can't be any more plainer that our world is in the last years with so many issues that are predictible in the Bible.
Seems that office shootings and shootings, killings, etc are happening more and more.
Unemployment is now 10.2%
But this Fort Hood incident should show America that no matter what we do over in Afghanistan, it's all integrated over here too. I vote now to bring all our guys home. Build up our own country with these men. Cut down on the mental health issues that will be overflowing in our country. We've already demonstrated with our illustrious President now that we have no leadership, or I should say we do over there but he isn't listening to them. But that's just me and my own world of thinking...........

nite nite


  1. So sorry your hubby had an accident but glad he's okay.

    I think sometimes God can give people feelings like what you had to urge us to pray.

    Hope he heals quickly. Kiss baby puppy when she comes home today. Tell her that Auntie Parsley loves her.

  2. Parsley, I just woke up and fixing to get going so we can go pick up Miss Abbie. You made me laugh hard with Aunt Parsley. I am excited but let me tell you that the hubbie is already dressed and waiting anxiously. Like an expectant father.
    After we get her we are going to scoot into Walmart, hope she doesn't bark in my bag and get some Iams lanb and rice food and some potty papers. At checkout when she yaps, that might cause a problem but maybe her cuteness will let us get through the store!!!

  3. I am with Parsley, so sorry BG had an accident but grateful he is ok :)

    I have those feelings too, always have, and it can be overwhelming, but again I agree with Parsley, that is God's urges to pray, for He is our Father and He knows every hair on our head :)

    I can't wait to see the pics of your little baby girl, she will make everything scary go away as soon as you hold her in your arms and snuggle her :)

    Love you kiddo
    Hang in there Steel Magnolia :)


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