Sunday, November 1, 2009

Picking up a WIP tonight

Have you ever had a WIP where it's been so long you forgot what threads you were using?
I pulled this out to finish it. And still can't figure out the brownish lettering color I used. I'm going to change those snow flakes to a darker blue because you can't see them on the linen.
This is a freebie from the Sampler Girl called Be Still and Know. I started this a long while back. I've got to figure out what brown color I used so that the lettering is the same. That's the puzzle for tonight!

Oh, I have to show you from our "grocery" shopping, what we picked up to get ready for Abbie. The shampoo is for puppies and smells heavenly like Jasmine. It's tearless. She will probably fluff up like a cotton ball with all that hair when I give her a bath. We'll see.......

I definitely have to get my stitching area, puppy-proof this week so she won't be running through the room with one of my WIP's, heralding her new home. LOL

I'm frustrated with myself for not remembering that brownish color of the project so I can finish it. Arghhhh!

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