Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Some angels and other stuff

Just a few things from today. This is a very old picture of me when I was about 18 years old. One of my doggies that I loved and so you can see where it all started! LOL

Today, I stopped by a few thrift stores. Didn't really intend to get these items but.....you know how it is.....no explaining. Anyway, I had to run in the quilt shop to get some DMC 610 and that was all. Yeah, right......well after a couple fat quarters later and floss, I want to show you this pretty blue color of Williamsburg material. Got a 1/2 yard of it. I love it so.

A thrift store had this pillow and it was begging to go home with me. I need to see it daily.

I see this man daily too....LOL. This month is our anniversary, 8th one. These are are engraved glasses that we drank champagne in. Pink Champagne. The Walmart version. LOL I love pink champagne and I love this man too. He decided at 44 that he needed a wife. He always told all his friends he would never get married...........until he met me.......

I also stopped at another thrift store close to home. I'm telling you my car is turning in every one and breaking hard. This angel was definitely going home with me. I collect angels and every year at Christmas I usually get one for the tree in memory of Aaron, my son that passed away.
This old quilted angel was perfect!
Pictures can't show you enough how cute it is. She is holding a small grapevine wreath and a string of heart buttons and tiny bells. Her shrug is made of an antique hankie. Her wings are feathers. I love her!

her quilting is a little tattered but it makes it so much prettier

Mail goody today included this 1910 old, very old, tattered Dutch magazine. I won this on Ebay.

The advertisements in their were quite intriguing to read. Did you know that in 1910, a full time seamstress could make 5 thousand a year?

45 pages of articles and advertisements and fancywork.

I definitely need some of this Scott's Emulsion. Read this......it's good nerve food.

Its says, Are Weak Nerves Inherited?

Well, this little man was calming my nerves after supper. He was so appreciative of ham slices and mushrooms, brown-eyed peas............so that he could get held by his brown-eyed girl!!!

I believe he would let me hold him and he would start his loud snoring but my arm was getting tired
And that lovely, handsome Dutchman of a husband is now asking that I come look at his latest board for LHN frame. SO, I must go and check it out......
Talk later tonight about my project updates......


  1. Nice finds. You were a thin 18 yr old, as was I. LOL

    Just dropping in to say "Hi".

  2. yep, I'm still pretty much on the skinny side. But yeah, those were the days! Funny to look at old pictures.

    Ren says Hi too. He is roaming the kitchen now looking....I mean.. smelling for some crumbs maybe from the dishes......

  3. Lovely angel! Love the fabric - can't wait to see what you do with it!


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