Saturday, November 7, 2009

Precious Miss Abbie

My friend Connie and her friend were there too to see the puppies.......I tried hard to get her to get one of them.....they loved her too! She sent me this picture. Pardon the bags under my eyes but notice the tail......moving so fast, it's a blur. She really is a happy puppy!

sleepy now......on the ride home......I'm typing with one hand. LOL I've held her in her blanket since we picked her up. She did nestle in my hair and thought my earlobe was her mommy but I think she will be fine.

One more trip now to Walmart after her nap...........

so sleeeeepy

I'm just resting my eyes.............


  1. She's adorable Jennifer! Such a sweetie. And what tail - I can barely see if for how fast it's going!

  2. What a precious baby. I love it when they try soooo hard to keep their eyes open, like they're afraid they will miss something.

  3. Auntie Parsley loves her already.

  4. What a sweet, little face! She's fabulous, Jennifer and she's obviously happy. Have fun!!!


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