Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Got the Oink, Oink vaccine!

Alrighty then! ;) another couple of days of blah feeling probably but I just got the H1N1 injection. Took me awhile to make sure it was latex free. Had to call the company. I have a severe latex allergy so I have to always clear that.

It was quite sore but I would rather be vaccinated than die of pneumonia this year.
Hey, I"ve got too many patterns I want to stitch to die quite yet! LOL

Gotta run, craving pork chops now.....or bacon......LOL


  1. So the shot made you feel blah? We haven't been able to get it around here, but just got an email today that Saturday the masses will descend on a particular location and be able to get shots. Of course, I'm not in the high risk group, so don't know if they'll let me get it. But my kids will at least. Of course, my SIL whose a nurse said I already had it when I was so sick. Perhaps, but was never tested, so why not get the shot just in case.

  2. I hope it won't bother you like the other one did. I'm glad you're protected as you come in contact with sooo many people. Actually, that's why I don't get the flu shots. Because of that reaction afterwards. Since I don't have an employee here in Hiawassee, I can't take off to be sick.

  3. Hi Jennifer , In my area they are still vaccinating high risk and I fit in being in healthcare but my daughter and I have the flu! I will still get the shot when all better but she has a nasty cough and at least her fever didn't last too long ( unless it starts up tonight) We just keep resting . Have been in bed all day. Most of her class is away so I have been telling her not to worry about school for now . good for you for getting the oink oink !!!

  4. Today the shot didn't cause any problems.
    I have taken flu shots for 17 years now and 2 weeks ago I had a reaction that I found out today was because of latex rubber in the syring they used.
    I do recommend the flu vaccines.
    They are killed viruses so essentially you won't get sick from the vaccine like years ago when hey were live viruses.
    I figure a few days at the most of having soreness beats time out of work for 7-10 days with the flu.
    I can work through the flu vaccine side effects but if I got the flu, the real flu, then I can't afford a week out of work.

  5. Could you explain the latex in the syringe? Where would that be? I need to be careful too.

  6. The syringe has a rubber bottom to them usually, inside that pushes the medicine up the syringe.
    Also, you have to make sure a vial does not have a rubber stopper.
    Pre-filled syringes are mostly latex-free stoppers, ocassionally have latex. I go to the American Latex Allergy website and also called the product number to get whether it was in the pre-filled syringes or not. It takes some time.
    Just like restaurants are mostly using vinyl gloves but sometime they use latex and if they prepare your food with latex gloves and you have the anaphylactic latex allergy (type 1) then you could die, blood presure drops fast, swell up, etc.
    I always ask at new restaurants after once eating a hamburger and forgot to ask and my throat was closing at the same time. They had used latex gloves to make the hamburger patties. This and other emergencies over the past 12 years leads to careful planning!!!


  7. I suppose you carry an epi pen?
    I have trouble more and more. Clothing issues sometimes. Never thought about the food prep. Good to know.

  8. yep, Have epipen. Once about 10 years ago, I swoll up and almost couldn't breathe. After I landed in the ER the doc wouldn't let me go back to work for 3 days until I owned a medic alert bracelet and got an Epi pen.
    I'm really slack about wearing my med bracelet, like I hardly ever anymore. But, they told me how important it was in case of a car accident or if you were unconscious and couldn't answer for yourself and let them know.
    You would otherwise have people working all over you with latex gloves.
    It's a complex thing.


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