Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bump-bump-bump goes the cars

Goooooood Morning!

It's Wednesday, we are getting through the week. On the way to work, I passed 3 pour souls that had a 3 car crash, bumper to bam, bam, bam. I felt sorry for them so bad. They were waiting patiently for the cops and couldn't move their cars. They seem to be ok, just waiting on that dreaded insurance documentation.....been there, done that.

I'm loving this new time change. I would much rather Fall back than Spring forward.
Last night, I did get a little bit more of the Be Still piece worked on. I've picked out 2 fat quarters, decided to make a pillowkeep of it.

I'm fluctuating in the moods of yes, I will decorate a tree this year to no, I won't put a tree up this year. While I have never not put a tree up, I'm really so not in the spirit this year.
Then again, I may if I have a community Christmas party at our house which I did last year and it was fun. I know this is early and we seem to skip over Thanksgiving looking forward to the holidays. In years past, I always bought large amounts of gifts for my kids. But this year, things have changed. They are adults. But, playing Santa was fun while it lasted.

Maybe Abbie will change my mind and encourage a community open house party in December. I loved having that open house at night last year. Actually I had it on Christmas Eve last year. Alot of folks in my community are elderly and they either have no family or place to go, so that is my intention to offer a warm holiday because even if family aren't around, everyone needs not to be lonely at Christmas. I had to beg my family to show up for the more of that either.....letting that go. Whoever wants to join our journey, will be there. Life ain't about beggin'
folks to love ya! LOL

I'm already every day getting more excited about our trip to Chicago!
Well, onward through the work day......
till later.


  1. Sometimes the best sense of "family" comes from those friends that you gather close. I love the idea of your open house and think you should go for it!

    Have you considered just a small tabletop tree? Everyone needs a little Christmas!

  2. But Christmas isn't about the tree. We didn't put up a tree last year for various reasons and we were better able to focus in on the REAL reason for the season.


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