Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday thoughts

Well it was a late night last night. We worry about Brandon. With no return calls, it's getting very hard to say the least. With no family support we have each other only. I don't know how they sleep at night but one day they will have to answer for themselves.

This morning is a slow start at work and a quick note to say that I finally found the pattern for the Be Still design and I rekitted it, almost finished the snowflakes in the darker blue and it's looking good. The brown I was looking for was 611.
I need to see this. I'm not sure if I'm going to frame or make into a pillowkeep yet.

Body guard and I tried to frame the LHN Heart of America last night and with the piece of board we had, it simply would not work. So, tonight he is going to get something different to try and frame it. I may if this fails, have to get a professional to frame it but I"m really trying to avoid that due to cost. Although on the other hand, I have the frame already, just need to have it put in there. I did sew the buttons on and only had a # 10 beading needle. I almost went blind trying to thread it. My other issue is that I have some wrinkles in the Creek Bed Brown linen I can't get out. I'm wondering if that was already in there for a vintagey appearance. I just noticed them and ironed the heck out of it but I can still seem them at an angle.
But all in all, I'm hoping to get that done tonight.

Well, back to work......



  1. It's a shame we don't live closer - I frame my own things and would be happy to finish it for you!!

  2. What kind of problems were you having with that board? Why not pick up a piece of matt board - that's what I use. Pretty inexpensive and one piece can frame a few things if you get a large one.

  3. I too had a thought about framing HoA myself. However, I'm not adept at that yet and so I sent mine off to the framer. It should be so much cheaper since I had the frame already. Maybe I will try my hand on a smaller piece....

    I think there are some purposeful wrinkles in the fabric as I have some in mine. I ironed the heck out of it too, but to no avail. I'm hoping that the framer can get a few more out in the stretching process.

    As for beading, try using a #28 petite needle for those beads. It works for me since it is so close to a beading needle and the eye is much bigger. The only time I have a big problem is when I use the Mill Hill Petite beads. Then I switch to the pointy spike! =)

  4. Deb, I usually use the mounting boards already cut but the size I had was about 1-2 inches too small.
    I may have to make a trip way out of the way home to see if Hobby Lobby has a bigger one tonight after work. I just want to complete something!!!!
    I wanted that puffy look. Also the frame doesn't already have those metal thingies to hold it in place so yep, I may go an extra 1 hour tonight to Hobby Lobby.


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