Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday is here and I'm so glad!


I went to work, thanking God I have a job . I'm blessed.

Went into shock when I heard the news of the Nobel Peace Prize winner. Went into the restroom and splashed water on my face and got a little better........LOL

Rushed from work in one town to another town to meet friends to go to a funeral.

Ate a super size order of french fries from McDonald's for my lunch with a large tea in my car reading a very old paperback book I got at a bookstore months ago .........for 50 cents. It's actually pretty good!

Laughed with friends. I know I'm getting older when I started to get the feeling of The Golden Girls show.

Decided at the beginning of the service that a Large tea from McDonalds was not a good decision right before having to sit still for awhile. What was I thinking?

Decided after a funeral that I need to make a Bucket List indeed. Life is too short.

Waded through touristy traffic and leaf-watching to go by the winery and try a new wine, named Scarlett and it's pretty doggone tasty too........

Waited on Ren outside to potty for a lengthy period of time as his night-time bowl of wheaties must not be helping his ....hmmmm........constipation. I know that's pretty personal but if you can only imagine a hairless old chihauaha straining so hard that both his back legs raise up in the air, and he glances around with his opaque would understand. ;)

Watched Ren turn away from the premium of premium dog food and sadly went back to lay in his blanket until he figured out a couple of hours later.........geez, that was supper......LOL

Came home and as I unlocked the door, glanced over and Thomas was lounging in a blanket on the front porch swing, unmoved by my return home.

Cooked some fresh sweet corn on the cob and fresh asparagus tonight with leftover chicken.

Walked the 2 mile walk after dinner with our Labs who are adventuresome as Thelma and Louise. They know the difference when we go out of the house to walk vs. going to work or other places. They snort, grunt, jump up and down, Raven even raises her upper lip to show her teeth for big smiles. Ruby thinks that every day I need to run up the driveway with her until I"m out of breath (which by the way is not very far). LOL

Got a call from my elderly friend that at age 76 she has gotten her first computer, and amazed, simply amazed at this thing she said called.........Internet Explorer

Watched the Monster Mash Halloween movied I made with my family pictures in it. Laughed so hard my sides hurt. Of course, the silly thing automatically put MY head on the witch in the middle riding a broomstick.........LOL

Cuddled with my hubbie while we heard acorns falling on our tin roof and sounding like gunshots! I will say this year these are the largest acorns I've ever, ever seen. I run to the car hoping I don't need a helmet this year!

Well, today was just another day as you can see and life is a journey. The speaker at the funeral today was very good. He told everyone to go home and look up for a poem so that is what I plan to do to end my day, along with a little stitching and Anderson Cooper tonight.

I hope your journey today went well too............

Till later,



  1. I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. Poor Ren. How about probiotics?

  2. Do they have probiotics for dogs?
    I will have to check that out.

    Honestly, he was quite scarey this afternoon. There I am running behind him, wincing my eyes while he is straining until he looks like he is going to burst. LOL
    Finally when he is done, I breathe a sigh of relief that I won't have to go get that darn paper towel to wipe his but again! LOL LOL

  3. You are too funny! Poor Ren and poor you. The joy and laughter our pets bring into our lives makes it all worthwhile.

  4. I loved this post! I am new to checking out your blog and so far so good. I sent you an email yesterday about the Nobel Peace Prize but for some reason it came back undeliverable. I don't know what I did. Anyway, I was thinking the same thing your were, what was it awarded for? I know of scientists that have made great strides in research for diseases that haven't even been awarded such.Keep up the good work.

  5. hey Sharlotte,
    Thanks for reading my blog and my email is

    I will check and see on my blog profile if maybe I typed it in different........thanks so much


  6. Yes they do make probiotics for dogs but I use Phillips Colon Health for my dog with IBS.

    For Ren, just open the capsule and sprinkle on a teeny-tiny bit on his spaghetti. He'll never know.

  7. I see what I did wrong. I used a 'u' in berg instead of an 'e'.


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