Monday, October 5, 2009

The rains and Monday

Well, I have a quick break. The morning is a dreary, dark, dark and did I say dreary ? outside with misty rains. I guess our weather forecaster was a wee bit off track.

I know on my list of things to do tonight is to
1/ find another beginner project for Parsley and mail. I'm enabling a friend! LOL
2/find my lost library book
3/catchup more on Heart of America
4/plan out what I need from my LNS, may go tomorrow on my day off

My reasoning behind the polls at the right is because I wanted to get a give-away gift which included what readers' interests are particularly. Looks like there is a close run between 32 and 40 count for linen and Crescent Colors won for threads!
This gives me some ideas. Stay tuned this week for an October give-away!

I tell you that my very favorite from the St. Charles needlework show is Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow but it's quite a big project to start now for Christmas, I may have to keep in mind for next year though.

Samplers, samplers, samplers. I love 'em!

Hope the sun is shining and your Monday is bright!



  1. I was just joking with my husband last night. He said some of his buddies wanted to get everyone's families together around his new hobby. (old military trucks)

    I said, I'd go to his when he attended my first cross-stitching party!

    Think I'll have to go now? ;)

  2. Rain, rain, go away, come again another day!! Where's the umbrella? I love the Christmas at at Hawk Run Hollow, too, but it is definitely an undertaking!! Not sure if I could keep myself motivated long enough to finish it.....

  3. yep, that's a big project! It's neat though because you can just stitch one or two blocks individually, although quite expensive in materials.


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