Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Bay of Good and Evil

Oh, I'm using Deb's phrase for Ebay, the Bay of Evil, today as the Bay of Good and Evil.......
I'm so not needing to shop but I couldn't help but catch my eye on this and made a bid on it.
Just wondering if any of you have experience with this type of dowel system. I think I could order some of those black knobs to cover the screw thingies on the side which I've heard make it much better to use. The seller says the bag is slightly worn but the product has never been used.

This is the bag cover for storage, which I thought was kinda cool for storing it away.

And it collaspes down for travel.....ok, now, I'm preparing for my Dec trip to Chicago......we're driving......yes, driving my friends, 13 hours.........oops back to the frame

They say it has the instructions and papers but it will already be put together. The length of the dowels are about 18 inches, so not a large, large one.

If anything, I could use it for a weapon if needed in Chicago, right? LOL
Just joking, really. I've checked out a really good site Deb sent me and I love them. I think this is like those, not sure. Any experience with these?


  1. Hey Jen - I have no experience with those table top models. I sit in a chair and have the rods resting on the arms of the chair. I don't know how you stitch, but I don't know if it would be worth spending the money on the entire frame. You can order the knobs from K's and I'd recommend you do that because those wing nut screws catch on everything. I don't think they cost much. But you may be better off with just ordering rods. Plus 18" isn't all that big - I think that most of my rods are all over 16" but maybe that's because I stitch those big-assed projects. But K's Creations are good rods.

  2. I use, and love, K's scroll rods - they come in many sizes and look a lot like yours without the holder contraption, thingy. I am the holder, contraption thingy for my scroll rods!

  3. I have one of these ....the large expendable one, and used it for quite a while. I stopped using the lap frame because frankly it gives me a back pain sitting in the same position for long. That's why I do have a floor stand that adjusts to my sitting position with ease. (and LOVE it)
    Although what put me a bit off that lap frame was that you have to loosen a screw to swivel to the back, and I swivel to the back quite frequently to secure or finish threads. Lastly I could not sit long in front of it when putting the lap frame on a table which I had to do during a vacation.
    All by all I use my floor stand at home and when going on travel I take things with me that don't need to be on a dowel but use my good old hoop.

    All my scroll rods are like K's creation. Self built by my husband.
    Oh, and while quite some people like to hold scroll rods in their hands, I don't. I absolutely hate that. When using scroll rods they have to be on a frame.

    If you want to be sure what suits you the most you might want to drop in at a needlework shop and try out. Or get yourself one set of scroll frames and try out if you like it, and if yes you can decide if you do want a frame for it...and if yes..what frame suits your stitching. We all stitch different and you want something that suits your style of doing things and not changing your style to suit a
    I have here a quite expensive lap frame (send costs to Australian were quite expensive) unused standing around to prove just


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