Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bordering the Peace


Bordering the Peace block tonight

I watched too much O'Reilly Factor and didn't stitch fast enough but did get most of the border done. I can't wait to get to the house in it. I love to stitch houses.
My goal is to have it completed and framed by Halloween.....let's see if I can make that goal......

Interesting to watch all the news on Afghanistan as I stitch the Peace section. This will be a mark in his presidency folks so I have a sampler to prove what I was doing while the President made the decision about Afghanistan which on either way of sending troops or not to send will put him in a predicament. Maybe one day while I'm in the nursing home and reading through my stitching journals I can say, Yep, I remember that one. That's the one that was a critical decision in AFghanistan.
Well, on to another day of the week tomorrow, Thankful Thursday. I will post what I'm most thankful for tomorrow. It's a strategy I'm trying to stay with to ignore the things I cannot do anything about. Stay tuned.

Peace~~~ a so long desired concept that we really need in our country right now.
Before my son went to Afghanistan I was not a political person. Now, I'm gaining more insight at the political world......yeppers, Peace. Peace is what we want at Christmas and say that it will last all year but does it really?
There are concepts that I deal with daily that zap that peace right out. I have to work on coping with that and moving on to fun things like stitching and friends and chocolate, and oh, I am rambling.....time for bed :)


  1. Okay, I may NEVER stitch on that type of fabric. I can see the challenge ahead of you; stretching it keeping it all straight. EEK. But..I will plunge into my future projects with glee and a crazy little laugh. bwah haha--a new addiction!

    Even when I was a political science major in college, I wasn't 'into' politics. But, I've come to realize how important it is to listen to debate, question, think, listen. If not, we'll become subjects instead of citizens.

  2. So true! Peace is something we need more of.
    And, it is important that we all pay attention to politics right now! There are some very important decisions taking place, that many are blissfully unaware of.

  3. Is really beautiful, like your blog!
    Hugs from Spain!

  4. Your stitching looks great. I've done that too.... been stitching on something when something momentous happens. A lot of my pieces, I can look at and say... "xyz" was happening when I stitched this.


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