Sunday, October 4, 2009

Waiting by the mums for mum.........

Raven and Ruby, also known as Thelma and Louise, were waiting a long time today for me to come out of the house. I have been quite the hermit this weekend. Here they are looking into the house to see if any motion is stirring this morning. It's almost as if they can sense the stress as we watched the morning news to see the big battle that occured in Afghanistan through the night. Such a mess. I'm so much trying to not speak of politics here but, I have to say, Obama is scaring me, quite frankly, by being so slow to take advice from a good commander. If we need more people, and after last night's battles he should see, then send them for support. Riding the fence seems to be his pattern but it is not going to work with this war. But that's just my opinion. Ok, I feel better now........
Not much stitching at all today, but plan to work and catch up on the TV news in a few to fight insomnia. I basically researched and read alot today and time flew by in a jiffy. Bodyguard coaxed me away from the computer with chocolate cake from the grocery store about 4ish. He could read my mind that chocolate cures anything! LOL
Last night we had flood warnings out for this afternoon. But no rain today. That was strange but we have had our share of rain lately so that was fine by me!
I researched about frames and came to the conclusion that there is not one way to stitch. I did win the frame on EBay---Yey! With much thought realized that this is going to be great for travel, but most likely I will still do most of my stitching with a floor stand.
And then there are times, I use an old-fashioned hoop. Then at times, I hold my stitching with no frame, no hoop, just me and the fabric/thread.
I feel good about my decision to get this goody because the price was absolutely a good deal. Seems someone was cleaning out their basement and I got a good deal if not for all the time, but for travel. I just haven't yet figured out how on the bumpy interstate highways to not have the needle bob up and down until I find the right place to stitch. The car we have now is so much better with traveling and stitching than our previous one and hopefully on our 13 hour trip in Dec. I should get some stitching done. Now, I will change my mind a hundred times before we leave on what project/projects I will carry with me! ; )
Ok, I can tell I'm rambling......LOL
Hope your Sunday has been restful.........


  1. You dogs are so pretty, we have one chocolate lab who is always in the midst of everything. I use a stand in the car, the smaller Zframe from K's creation. I finally got a Stitchmate for the house since I tend to stitch on big projects and just prefer the tension I get with scroll frames. The carrying case is way cool. It should be great. Congrats on the win. Marjo

  2. My dear, feel free to blog about any subject you wish--political or not.
    That's what blogs are for and as Dr. Seuss said:
    Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.

  3. I agree with our Parsley and Dr. Seuss, and could not have said it better myself! :)

    adding hug!

    I thought about you as soon as I heard the news, and I said a prayer :) I will continue to pray until the boy comes home safe and healthy.

    When I am worried, I take up my needle and floss and find that safety that lies in the rhythm of the counted cross stitch, as it weaves it's magic.

    Love you.


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