Monday, October 5, 2009

The makings of a good Fall evening

This is one thing I absolutely love---my tin which melts the most fragrant tarts, which I have right now in Pumpkin Pie. The fragrance is stronger than a candle and makes the house smell luscious! I've just got to bake a pumpkin pie this weekend.

My nesting spot for the Blue House Sampler landed here...........

right by the Body Guard's favorite resting spot in the evening. His dad made this corner clock many, many years ago and we enjoy it.

Here's my progress so far tonight on the Heart of America. I'm watching every news clip tonight I can while I stitch the Honor section. Obama, please send help where help is needed. Our men are fighting and they need the help. Hello???? After receiving the news that pulling the troops out of Afghanistan will not be an option, then let's get in there and protect the ones we have in this dangerous situation. Meeting with McCrystal more than 25 minutes every 3 months might demonstrate an interest. I don't think the General would ask for more troops if the situation didn't warrant it.

And, it helps to calm down with a good fire and a good hubbie who gives me a foot rub to make the day pass away..........
When I first got home, we built a fire----correction he built a fire, then I lit all my pumpkin tea light candles and got my tart warmer going so the house is filled with calming scents.
A fireplace does wonders for me. Before I knew it, I had grabbed the heavy quilt and took a brief nap before starting my stitching. It makes me sooooooo sleepy.
I've always dreamed of a fireplace in the relaxing.
The rains have stopped and hoping for a bright, sunshiney day tomorrow. The leaves are beginning to change. On my way home from work, I saw the world in DMC and Crescent colors. LOL Joshua Tree Green and DMC 211 are the leaf colors now.
Tomorrow, I plan to go to my LNS and lunch at my favorite restaurant there.
Back to stitching and news..............


  1. What a lovely corner and a cozy home! Your stitching looks just beautiful!

  2. Your home looks inviting and cozy :)
    And what a fun day with lunch and the LNS!

  3. Say hello to Terrie for me.
    I love seeing pictures of the needlework hanging in someone else's home. I love to see the different groupings.

  4. Your Blue House Sampler looks perfect in that spot. And you described your evening so well, I could hear the fire crackling and smell the pumpkin candle. And now I'm yawning - perhaps a nap is in order!!

  5. Your samplers looks gorgeous! And what a wonderful, cozy evening!!

  6. Oh, you are too funny!!! I do agree about our there is more to discuss...just do it!!! Take care...your fire looks so wonderful. Dianntha


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