Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

Today was quite busy at work. I then went to Walmart for grocery shopping......on an empty stomach! Not good. Lots of goodies. I know the the lady in my check-out line was having quite a PMS day but I guess we all have them. LOL Let's just say I don't think she will be the Walmart greeter! ;)

Came home to this mail package on my porch! Wow! that was fast shipping and this is one of the best deals on ebay I've had in a long time. You know there are some good deals and then some Not so Good deals on Ebay, but this is a really good deal here. BodyGuard probably thinks I need a 12 step program now for my stitching addiction. I was so giddy when we were opening the box!

K's Frames, just as described and looks like it was never used. Yep, the bag is beautiful with dark navy outside and pretty pink flowers on the inside.

Zippered bag~~~~

Original instructions and warrenty

The bag looks brand new.

One thing I will probably get is the black T knobs you can get to cover the screw thingies so it will be a little better without hanging threads and wearing my fingers out. I tend to be a littley clutsy sometimes.
So, onward to putting groceries up~~~~ I got some Echinacca tea. I need to boost my immune system and this tea and my vitamins hopefully will do just that.
My pantry shelf also has lavender and valerian, chamomile in the Dutch girl jar for those restless days.

And for the little picky eater in the house, Ren, who now expects buffet service promptly at 6pm, I found these which were quite pricey but will tuck in the pantry for those times we eat out. I got 3 of them just to see if his tastey palette will delight in them!
Of course, he preferred the Rotisserie chicken with Rosemary and Garlic with us tonight and it was quite tasty from Walmart. I couldn't resist one as they just took them off the rack and I'm too pooped tonight to cook. These were not too much of a thrifty find but the label says all picky eaters will eat these, so we'll see. {{{{{giggle}}}} If not, I will always have Cheerios and Honey and Oats cereal on hand. He will eat that with milk but not after it gets mushy, has to be crunchy. What a character!

Well, it's time for some Nancy Grace show updates on the current crime cases. I watch her show just about every night. I'm not particularly fond of her personality but I like to follow the cases. Then, on to Anderson Cooper on CNN and then O'Reilly Factor. What a night but this is when I do my stitching. In another life, I will be a lawyer..........LOL
I'm so excited about the give-a-way next week! I really do appreciate all that read my blog!
I've been so blessed to meet so many stitchers all over the world! Thanks again!


  1. Little Cesar is our little doggies favorites. Good choice.

  2. Your tea shelf look like mine and I too watch Nancy Grace every night. I love her this week with the Jon Gosselin(sp?)talk! LOL


  3. Excellent score on the frame Jennifer. And that bad is really pretty! I definitely think you got your money's worth. And you spoil Ren so much. Very lucky little pooch!


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