Saturday, August 29, 2009

This should never happen

I have been following this story since it came out. This should never happen. Seems like there were mishaps on several occasions. Please report to law enforcement any suspicions of child abuse. Any information you can given law enforcement when abductions occur is crucial. Go with the gut. If you have a gut feeling that something is wrong or weird, it probably is.

In this case with the abduction and who knows what else this child went through for 18 years, it's beyond any kind of sense. It's barberic, cruel, crazy.

Did you know that you can actually go online and locate a map to see where sex offenders live near you? Alot of people do not know this still. I'm telling you it's crucial, important information. You will be surprised if you think you are living in a "safe" area.

You can read the story here

This guy should have stayed in jail the first time. And that should have been the least of his punishment. Period. End of discussion.


  1. I was completely stunned to hear about this story and wondered how that girl could have been in that situation for the number of years she had.

    And first thing I did when we considered buying this house was go on the sex offender list. Funny, the area is a good one, but they are all over. A friend that I met after we moved here, didn't even know she was living two doors down from one. Scary world. And my 12 year old daughter wonders why I don't let her roam the neighborhood!!

  2. That breaks my heart. Everyone needs to know what they can do to protect their children. It is a different world than the one I grew up in. You and I both hear more about things like this because of our husbands, but everyone needs to be aware.

  3. I'm especially aware as I was a victim of a crime when I was 7 years old in my own neighborhood.
    There are real dangers out there and in one way, I'm glad the media is paying more attention to it now so people can realize that it can happen to anyone, regardless of status, race, or age. It's really sad that we still have people out on the streets who are sick like this. Real sick.


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