Friday, August 28, 2009

Thinking about my Staycation next week

WOO HOO! My vacation starts in less than 2 hours. Or my staycation. But that' ok, cause I got alot of "around the house" things to do, day trip planning, movies maybe too.

So, what is a good movie out now? I haven't even looked in so long but that's a definite staycation plan. I think it's the movie popcorn I'm really missing! LOL I thought I was in heaven when I went to Boston 2 years ago to a conference and a movie theatre was in walking distance with "serve yourself pump butter" Yum!


  1. Can't really recommend any movies - never get to adult ones because of the kids. I've missed a few of your posts, but wanted to let you know that I saw the one on the Janome sewing machine and I think you'll be really happy with it. I don't have that one - I have a real basic one and a Bernina Artista ($$$), and by far, I love, love my Janome. I'm tempted to trade in my Bernina and get a higher end Janome. You're going to love it. Beautiful stitches, etc.

  2. Sometimes staying home on vacation is the best thing to do. You can lounge around and do whatever you want, whenever you want! Have a fun staycation!

    Some of the microwave popcorn is really almost as good as movie popcorn!


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