Sunday, August 23, 2009

Early Morning Awakenings

Mornings like this are rare for me on days off. I'm not usually awake and alert without coffee at 6am but this morning, I'm awake. Looks like it's starting out to be a dreary, cloudy day outside and Raven has only moaned like a cow once on the front porch this morning.

Speaking of Raven and Ruby, did you know they are sisters and born on a cattle ranch? They were adopted by us at 4 months of age, the last two of the litter. One was Ying and one was Yang. My hubbie thought that was fitting for us as we are also Ying and Yang.
Maybe this is why Raven, moans and groans like a cow at times. She is remembering her younger days.

Bodyguard and I are opposites, like night and day. He likes it warm, I like it cold. He likes creamy peanut butter, I like crunchy peanut butter. I like pink, he likes green. When he is tired, I'm usually wired and vice versa. He likes soft cookies, I like crunchy cookies. He likes the history channel and I go to sleep with the history channel. What is this in nature to attract our opposite? That's a thought worth pondering on another day........oh, my, I'm starting to sound like Scarlett. Another day? yes, tomorrow is another day.........

Speaking of Scarlett and Gone with the Wind, my favorite part is when Melanie is about to birth the baby and Scarlett is responsible. She depends on Prissy who told her previously that she knew everything about birthing babies.

Then, when it comes time for her to really help, Prissy screams, "I don't know nuffin bot birfin' no babies, Miss Scarlett, OH, Miss Scarlett!" Then you see one of the many slaps given by none other than Miss Scarlett.

Now, Scarlett, did have some persistence and some personality, didn't she?
Ah, but Rhett, she says, "Rhett, you devil, you varmit" and then slaps him too. I'm definitely not condoning slapping people but there is a little to say about Scarlett's assertiveness! LOL

I've since percked my coffee, add a little hazelnut flavor creamer and flopped down to read. I'm even thinking about stitching in a few and if so, remember this date, because I've never stitched this early in the morning.

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