Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Elbows off the table?

Ren was so excited I cooked spaghetti tonight that he made all kinds of contorsions eating it. He looked like he was doing yoga poses. Those back feet just slide into the front by the time is through. He takes his "sketti" without Parmesian cheese. He does make a mess but hey, he's happy.............bless his bones LOL


  1. Kind of reminds you of kids when they eat spaghetti and they make a mess - they get it all over themselves, but they're happy. I bet Ren was a happy camper after that meal. Have to try your Pecan Cookie recipe when I have a chance. Pecan Sandies are a favorite of mine!!

  2. Oh...Ren is just loving that! I'm so glad you are giving him whatever he wants in his old age. (maybe you've always pampered him LOL) Thanks for sharing these happy pictures.

  3. OH Ren.....bless your heart :)


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