Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Start~~~a sewing area and a new sampler

Well, here is my progress on The Blue House Sampler design by the Sampler Girl. I set a goal to finish this green today but got side tracked on unloading my closet sewing nook to expand in a basement area by the laundry room. I need more elbow room. The thread winders I got from The Gift of Stitching. I really like them because you can pencil in the names and then erase, use later for another kit.

So, adding my other colors here~~ Crescent Colors

And then, I got brave and snapped the beginnings of putting my sewing area together in the partially finished basement. Please disregard the background boxes of "stuff". One thing hubbie and I have in common is this one thing~~~~~~we are both pack rats. I digress any further.

Here is my work table. Only 1 chair on the left but I have 4 more the same. When I bring the sewing machine from upstairs, then I will work somewhere around this table as we clear more "stuff".

We have not painted the walls and floor but this is going to be this Fall. Nothing fancy, just a good sealer on the floor and walls. Here is my cabinet I got at the auction I went to several weeks ago. There are some areas of buckling and scratches but overall for 25.00 I thought I got a good place to put my fabrics and in the bottom store matting boards, pillow forms, etc.

I just put this out for you to see my other finding that day. I have a weakness for old rocking chairs. Needs a bit of cleaning yet and then I'm visualizing a small table and lamp next to it for stitching. One day.

This table is neat. Its old, yep, but actually is wood throughout, folds up if needed and gives me a good working area. (When all the other clutter is gone). I may re-cover those chairs ( the one on the left is example) but then again I may leave them this way. Either way for 7.50 each, I thought they were good deals !
So, I'm dreaming, I'm hoping, that one day we will have some kind of order to the basement.......There is actually a double window behind this "stuff" that will be moved for more room around the table and you can see a lake and the mountains. I kinda drew out on a piece of paper how I wanted individual areas and the sewing area will be right by the laundry area for sure. As I slowly make progress, I will update.
Hope your Sunday was restful!


  1. Ohhh....I like this table. It has something...old...decent. What a great find. Your basement will become a great area once it's finished.

  2. Jennifer - I love your progrss on The Blue House and the colors are so pretty! I'm green with envy with all the great projects you've had lately.

    And way to go on the sewing area. That cabinet is sweet for storing fabric and pillow forms, etc. Plus it's decorative - a great value for the $25.00. Painting the walls and floors will really spruce it up and it will look like a whole new area. And especially if you will have a view of lake and mountains - what a wonderful place to spend your time. And near the laundry room - what better - you can say you're doing wash and get stitching/sewing done too! LOL

  3. Oh Deb you are so funny. I'm getting a visual now of running over to fold the laundry and then running back over to my table! LOL
    We still have a ways to go but it' always something to work on , that's for sure!

    Thanks, Gabi. I liked it too when I saw it and my husband liked the oldness and the way it was made he thinks is "special".

  4. Your Blue House is looking awesome, my inspiration as usual :)

    I love your sewing area, it looks cozy and I love cozy, especially when it's a nook of my own design tucked away in a quiet area....May you enjoy many happy and content hours stitching to your heart's content there.

    Thanks for the pics.


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