Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our quiet little naptimes

Thomas remained still like this for at least 1 hour. I really was worried about him there for a while. But he stretched himself out and covered his eyes quite well. I got these pics through my window so a little blurred.

Ren is also napping. Thank Goodness.

The mountains make one lethargic. Thomas is still sunk into the dog cushion he acquired from our Labs. He won't give it back either. He doesn't mind that it's a 50 inch large dog cushion, he says its made for him. This afternoon I think fairy dust was sprinkled on all the animals today.

At 1pm this:

Ahhhhhh, at 2 pm, this:

At 3 pm, this:

And this little black line you see in the flower bed is Raven. She is also catatonic at 2:30pm.


This is making me sleepy now!


  1. While I think your kitties are sweet, I LOVE Ren! I'm a chihuahua freak!

  2. Oh, I've got some pictures for you Parsley! I just read your comment and laughed because I took a few of Ren eating spaghetti tonight at supper. He was in heaven. He loves spaghetti.


  3. I love all the photos. And LOL about Thomas and the dog cushion. My Rosie (also a cat) used to make my old Maggie (my previous dog) get off hers too. The cat would rub her whiskers on the bottom of the dogs feet to get her up. :)

    Also love Ren with the spagetti. :)


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