Tuesday, August 25, 2009

On my To do List

Good morning! In North Ga. today it's a sunny, slightly crisp (tad bit of Fall in the air, I just know it) kind of day. Thomas is glued to his front porch cushion which he adopted from the dogs.
We washed the cover of it Sunday and he literally has slept, glued to it since then. He has no fear of what might come up on the porch because he has 2 guard dogs in the front, the Labs.
He's telling me that he just loves freshly washed sheets!
Ren, well Ren, is presenting a bit of a dilemma and has gotten where he will only eat table food. I mean only eat. He used to eat some brands of dogfood, then it got to be, only with sauces from the frig. Now, it's nope, I'm hardheaded and I will stay that way attitude about dogfood. Reminds me of some people folk I know! LOL
So, I caved again this morning and gave him a bowl of shredded wheat while I ate my breakfast and coffee and he ate it up, back to sleep now in his cozy red blanket.
Today is my off day and I have a to-do list somewhere. That's what happens when you get older.
You lose your glasses, feel its hot all the time, write to-do lists, and then lose the to-do lists!
But I'm saved by my kitchen island. I always have to-do stuff on my kitchen island, the catch-all, the hot-spot, the whatever you want to call it but a place to eat.
I have some letter writing to do today as well, I mean the snail mail, the old fashioned way as I'm not really seeming to communicate through faster newer means like email.
I have on the kitchen island, Brandon's birthday present to mail as I know it takes 3 weeks to get to Afghanistan, that means today, the post office, today, Jennifer.
I also will mail out the chart pack for Peggy Lee.
Let's see, what else? Oh man, do I want to mess up my beautiful day with a load of laundry in there? Hmmm......maybe.
I'll have to say I"m lucky in some respects with laundry because the Body Guard does his own laundry, by choice, and some of the bathroom stuff, always has. I can't get him to admit to it but I think he likes doing laundry. Which would fit perfectly as I hate doing laundry. Such a balance don't you think? I don't know if it's the Dutch part of him or what but when we first got married he established that and I lovingly accepted that he likes to do his own laundry.
Another thing today is to finish cleaning out my stash that is all over the kitchen island, the sofa, the chair, and just about anywhere. We never have company but if we did they would have to rearrange sewing notions and such to sit down.
I would open the windows this morning but we have started with Ragweed season big time and our eyes are a bit scratchy so, not so good idea. Maybe with a little extra Zyrtec we can open them! LOL
Last night I almost finished the letters on The Blue House Sampler and hope to finish the squiggly blue lines tonight. I like the squiggly blue lines, there is a rhythm to the needle which is very calming.
I certainly hope you all have a great Tuesday!


  1. Poor old Ren. :) Hey, he's earned the spoiling at his age. :)

  2. You are a hard working woman, my friend :) Sounds like a great day, one where you feel so good to have gotten it all finished. I have the same center island and desk in my kitchen :) LOL. I have gone a bit crazy with the cross stitch stash shopping, so my couch is a bit over run as well.

    Can't wait to hear your progress....and be sure you take time to stop and sit a spell :)



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