Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Busy Thursday

Besides working today, I went shopping after work for a couple of things to send around the world. I found this box on the left handmade by a local and couldn't resist. It has inlaid wood pieces and I thought it was special. It's small and will hold some special tiny small items maybe and then I made a little bag with a heart button to go with it. I put lavender in it and it smells calming. I will send with the other items to Afghanistan. Brandon's birthday is Sept 18th so I'm trying to send early.

I got to this far on the sampler tonight, raised the roof and planted a tree!

And shopped at Walmart for some essentials that Brandon may like to get over in Afghanistan. There are several items I hope he gives to some children over in Afghanistan like crayons and pens and notepads. As I read daily, or almost 3 times daily the updated articles on Afghanistan I saw this statement today
A recent public Washington Post survey found that a majority of Americans say the war in Afghanistan is not worth fighting.Only 24 percent of those polled say more US troops should be sent, while nearly twice as many want to decrease the number of military forces in Afghanistan.

It's my hope that the country gets its mission together or get out. We have our children's lives at stake here......and that's all I'm going to say on this controversial issue.

I splurged and got a Country Sampler Fall edition magazine. I just love this seasonal magazine. I can look at it over and over and get plenty of ideas for prim decor.

I'm getting ready to sleep, trying to put all my worries aside until the next day.............
just one more day and I"m on vacation for a week, or actually until the day after Labor Day! No plans for travel, just a break for catching up on some things.


  1. Tell Brandon THANK YOU for his service. He is not forgotten.

    Praying for him and all who serve. Praying for our country and leaders to make the right decisions.

  2. You have every right to be of Brandon and I would also like to say THANK YOU to him for his service.

    Your sampler is looking beautiful. I may look for the new CS magazine while out today. I love issues like this.

  3. I will tell Brandon all your positive thoughts! Thanks so much!

    don't you just love the Country Sampler magazine? I love them! Now, this will make me go in the basement and pull out my Fall pumpkins and foliage for decorating this weekend. I try to wait until after Labor Day.....but I'm caving this weekend! LOL

    Its funny too that I really don't stitch any Halloween stuff and my friend and shop owner Terri says that is the best sellers for her shop.


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