Friday, August 28, 2009

Ended up with a different sewing machine.....maybe

Yesterday, I ended up getting a different machine than the Janome I posted earlier this past week. For basic sewing, and even some quilting I think this will be a good machine. It's definitely a lower end machine and less than the Janome but I have 30 days to try and take back if I choose. So, I will unbox this goody tomorrow and check it out. It has several of the same features I looked for in a good basic one so, we'll see..........

I didn't sleep too good last night, or you could say this morning and had to get up early so my energy is nearing zero right now. I think I will be able to sleep better tonight as I'm nodding here while I type.....LOL

I did see the prettiest sunset tonight and of all places, walking out of Walmart. Most of the day cloudy and a bit gloomy. Cooler too. The sun came out late in the day. Getting close to long sleeve weather now. I so wished I had my camera with me to take the sunset behind the mountain tonight but wouldn't you know I didn't have it with me.
Football games are starting and Fall is definitely right around the corner~~~~


  1. I love a beautiful sunset or even a sunrise if I can get up early enough! Enjoy your new sewing machine and I hope this one works out like you want!

  2. OH how I love fall..I'm so glad it is nudging it's way in here in Vermont.

    Your new sewing machine looks lovely!

    Have a wonderful day

  3. I love this machine....IMHO the more high end the machine, the more complicated :) I can't wait to see your end results....and hey look at it this way, I took a big leap and bought an iron yesterday, so you are way ahead of me on the stitching and wife curve :)

    Hope you sleep better, sending prayers that your mind is at peace and sleep is at hand :)

  4. Thanks for those prayers Karyn! I so slept hard as a rock and woke up.....10 hours later.......Oh my aching joints! I'm getting old! LOL But I did sleep good and had some weird dreams but I guess that's the way our minds work through things.

    Doreen, Vermont! Oh I bet you have beautiful Falls there. You'll have to let us know down here in Georgia when the leaves change.

    Sherry, thanks about the machine. I will open that box today!


  5. Great machine. :) Wishing you lots of fun with it.


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