Saturday, July 3, 2010

Midnight Progress

Way teenie for me. One over one. Practicing on this freebie.

Spent most of the day deep cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry. Hubbie spent all day cleaning out books, 30 year old books, taking off -----grip yourself---1200 lbs to the dump as they were so outdated. He said he has 1200 lbs more and then the building will be clean that he was renting for this.
Cleaning clutter is reducing stress immensely.

It's fun to find old pictures.

I found this one.

Panama City Beach, Summer 1973, 9 years old. Skinny as a rail.  Funny to me. It's kinda funny that I sat on the diving board and never jumped off one.  ;)

Sad to watch the news that the water there is affected by the oil spill now.
I remember the water was clear and blue. Haven't been back since that time. I'm surprised I don't have white Solarcaine on my face because I burned so easy and ran around getting coated with the stuff regularly.

Finally about an hour ago picked up stitching in my basket and crossed my eyes with reading glasses as I watch the Michael Jackson saga on TV. The details are telling of themselves.

I can only work on one over one for a short time but this is my midnight progress.

Tomorrow is the Fourth!  Enjoy the freedom and the fireworks we have right now in this country.
Till later,


  1. She's adorable Jennifer (both the one over one girlie AND the little Jennifer)

    Happy 4th!

  2. Great pictures, Jennifer. I never went off the diving board - no thanks. I cringe when Ben does. Let's see - I was 3 in 1973 ... LOL


  3. OMG! Tanya and Peggy Lee, if you could see some of my hubbies old yearbooks when he was in the 6th grade, I laughed and laughed.......he had some thick long bangs....we laughed.



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