Monday, June 28, 2010

The Needle is in Park

I have been so busy lately that it seems when I finally get to sit about 10pm at night I haven't got very far on this but on my to-do list today is to finish this by midnight.
Well, vacuuming and cleaning the kitchen ----check
work, work, work, and drive , drive, drive----check
contacting folks who I need to mail on the swing to the Post Office----check
washing----partly check
stitching..........I think I can...I think I can....oh, my! I finally at 10pm have sat down.
Methinks I'm tired.  Or tard as they say in the mountains. ;0

I found this hoop while I was cleaning out some things and decided to use it for this one. Well, hoop marks are not my favorite thing to press out when finished but I will say it gives quite a bit of tension while stitching.

so onward now to put some sails on this ship and finish the border. I got some extra sugar surge just a minute ago with some strawberry ice cream. YUMMM!


  1. Can't wait to see this one finished.

  2. I really like the project you're working on. Perfect for the season.

  3. Speaking of ice cream ... I've been told that I HAVE to try the new lemon ice cream by Haagendaz - can't spell the stuff but I can scarf it down. LOL I like strawberry ice cream too - great stitchery, girlie!


  4. Don't you hate it when life (and especially house cleaning!) gets in the way of stitching time?? hehe

    Can't wait to see this piece finished :)

  5. A very sweet project Jennifer! Hope you get to spend some time with your stitching :)

  6. Really like your current project.

  7. What is housecleaning??? I haven't done that in months ~ LOL! Your stitching is beautiful. Can't wait to see how you finish it.

    I haven't used one of those hoops in years because I hated the creases, but I suppose if you take it out each night it won't be so bad? I might have a few around here somewhere...


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