Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Come Sail Away With Me

Finished Summer Day 1776 freebie by The Sampler Girl today and my spontaneous mind went into overtime thinking of something useful and decorative for this piece. As I was rummaging through my fabbies, I remembered I had this Sturbridge Village fabbie that I bought in Boston and had just enough to make a runner! 

 Boston fab, seafood, fun times, ocean.........I can just recall that lobster while I'm making this....YUM!
I handstitched this onto the fabbie after hemming all the edges of the fabric.

And I decided to make a hanging for the refrigerator door instead. Ok, I'm fickle.....I know.
I found this cotton Prim ribbon here at Bessie Mae's Cottage one day a couple of week's ago and decided to sew it on the top of the folded fab to make a slot for the wooden calender hanger.

I put the wooden stick through and for once, was glad I could use this for something....I keep everything!
I usually buy linen calenders for the refrigerator door but this year I didn't. I had an old tea towel on it but removed it to make this. The colors are great for our kitchen.

I stitched this piece with several odd pieces of threads I had leftover and in my jar of  unknowns not labeled but I know that the navy is CC Wavy Navy and the green is CC Belle Soi silk, Bean Stalk.
The others are definitely remnants.
32 count natural belfast linen

This can easily be converted to a runner for the kitchen island by removing the ribbon and threads and folding out if I decide in the future. Right now, it's a hanging for the frig.

I think about the song "Come Sail Away" by Styx.
 Meghan and I liked this song and today is her birthday.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGHAN!!!

Come Sail Away
 by Styx

I'm sailing away,
Set an open course for the Virgin Sea
' Cause I've got to be free
Free to face the life that's ahead of me.

On board I'm the Captain,
So climb onboard.
We'll search for tomorrow...... on every shore
And I'll try, Oh, Lord, I'll try to carry on.

I look to the sea
Reflections of the waves spark my memory
Some happy, some sad
I think of childhood friends and the dreams we had

We lived happily forever
So the story goes
But somehow we missed out
on the pot of gold.
But we'll try the best that we can,
To carry on.

A gathering of Angels appeared above my head;
They sang to me this song of hope
And this is what they said, they said~~~

Come sail away~~
Come sail away~~
Come and sail away with me.

I thought they were angels but to my surprise
We climbed aboard their starship,
We headed for the skies.

Singing, come sail away, come sail away, come and sail away with me..........


She's twenty-two
eyes of blue
smart as a whip
inside her ship
sailing away to her dreams.........love ya!

Love always,


  1. Jennifer,

    That is such a beautiful finish! And it looks lovely on your frig door. I never would have thought to do something like that with a stitched piece. Gives me more ideas for when I am in my own place (some year, LOL).

    Thanks as always for sharing!!


  2. Love your color choices, and if you do not mind, I would like to "borrow" them in DMC--and really love the finish!!!

  3. I was just thinking about that song when I saw the post title. LOL
    Great work. I've decided to do some stitching tonight...FINALLY!

    Hey...if you ever come visit, let's find a stitching store and SHOP! Then drop by TEAVANA. ;-)

  4. I love the piece and the finish is terrific! Wish I could come up with ideas like you do for my work!

  5. Thats an amazing finish!!! Congrats!

  6. What a great finish Jennifer. I looks right at home on your refrigerator door!

  7. Birthday wishes to your girl!

    Lovely stitching,

  8. The finish is absolutely beautiful ~ I love the idea of it hanging on the fridge...may have to steal this idea for my kitchen LOL! And of course, Styx, one of my all-time favorite groups...

  9. Darling finish Jennifer, I love it!

    Happy Be-lated Birthday Meghan!

  10. Lovely finish Jennifer. I really like how you finished it as a hanging. Gorgeous fabric too.


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