Sunday, June 27, 2010

Afternoon mug shots

You have to love animals to look at our self-imposed mug shots today.......LOL 
We are just playing around.

It's a bad hair day for both of us.

I've just about mastered the extended-arm-and-hope-you-aim-good-method of photography.

Cooperation from Abbie is not so good right now. She really likes Peppermint chapstick about as much as the Dr. Pepper Lipsmacker.

Focus at the camera, Abbie!

Yeah, right.......
she wants to go play now that she has licked me all over my face.

But I luuuuuuv ha  so


  1. You knew I couldn't resist dropping by this post with pics of my niece!

  2. Abbie just barked to tell Aunt Parsley HHAYYYYY ( in southern accent)


  3. Your puppy antics crack me up. I only wish I had a bod that looked as good in a bikini!

  4. Too funny! My Astro pug loves my Kiehls lip balm, but he waits for me to put some on first, then I have to put a little on my finger for him to lick off. He waits for it every night at bed time!

    You're really very pretty...I'm not seeing a bad hair day here :-)


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