Tuesday, June 29, 2010

When this you see, is this really me?

As I end the evening with some news on TV, I decide to practice my one over one, which really needs alot of practice. Sometimes I think it looks like French knots.......

.anyway, I saved this freebie from Liberty Primatives and the name of the design is When This You See ornament. I picked different colors than the mustard ones recommended.

 I wuv pink!

well, I stopped here right now but go over to Liberty Primitives Blog and you will see some cute, cute, freebies. This is one of them!

Upon further evaluation, seems this really does look like me with one gray hair here.......naaaaaaaahhh
that must me one of Abbie's lovely white hairs. (yes she is clean)
But somehow I stitched in one of her pretty little white hairs in the middle of the dark.
I had to laugh at that as I pulled it out.  I remember when I first found a gray hair and I could just pull one or two out........those were the days....LOL
Now, I would be completely bald if I pulled out all grays.

I have a small tiny walnut frame to put this in when finished, it's almost like a miniture antiquey frame but I got it at Hobby Lobby after Christmas for such a moment as this when a tiny sampler would be a cutie patootie.

Hope your night is restful and your tomorrow is bright!


  1. Looks to me like your doing a wonderful job, even with the grey hairs! LOL I've never tried over 1that may be in the near future. I'll probably have white hairs in mine!

  2. Working over one is a big eye strain for me. Yours looks great so far! That's funny about the gray hair though. :^)

  3. Jennifer,

    Thanks so much for the link - I hadn't found that one yet! Those are some really cute freebies - my printer will be hummin'!

  4. Thanks for the link, Jennifer

  5. Girl, I'd go cross-eyed stitching one over one! Cute start though. Abbie hair...LOL

  6. I can only do over one with a magnifier! Yours is looking great - can't wait to see the big finish.

  7. I love stitching over 1 and you're doing a great job you just have to remember not to pull too hard. As for gray hair, mine suddenly because red! LOL Also I have to battle cat hair at times!

  8. It looks great so far Jennifer. I have gotten a couple of their free patterns - of course, had to have the A&E. I think you're going to love this piece done one over one!

  9. I looks really beautiful! congratulations to you...

  10. Cute start! Don't even get me started on gray hair! Happy 4th.

  11. Love the addition of "new fibers" LOL! I love the look of stitching over one, but it's such a strain on my eyes...you're doing a great job!


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