Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday thoughts

Stayed up quite late last night with an ear infection. I finally relented to taking the dreaded antibiotics that usually kill my GI tract but the pain was too severe.....huh????? what did ya say? yep, can't hear too good out of it either.
I think I was about 8 years old when I had an ear infection last......lucky me, right? So, maybe it will be 40 more years till another one.

So, 2am came and finally I went to sleep with a throbbing like my heart had dislocated to my left side of the head.
Abbie stayed up with me like a champ as always, snuggling with me while I read. The alarm at 6a was too early.

Thursday is already here and I have my list of things to do for this week and I haven't struck off many on my lists, is meant to be fun and spontaneous! (most of the time)

So far today I've:

  • ate at Mickie D's twice today while my stomach is expanding, readying itself for the antibiotic kill!
  • Drank a large Decaf coffee with a yummy cinnamon melt from Mickie D's.
  • worked somewhere in between all this....
  • lunchtime, went roaming through thrift stores again......went for one thing, got 4 but they just marked down, the already marked-down, 5 minutes before I got there so it was 50% off---a good deal.
  • hope to make the post office for the third day in a row now!  Errands are just not happening so fast when work is going on.....but anyway, I'm off all next week with hubbie and we have some day trips and stuff planned----can't wait!!!! It includes the state of Tennessee.
  • totally almost went to a quilt store and gripped the wheel of the car pretty hard not to turn in that direction.  Have fabric? Got machine? Got ideas?  need skills.....
  • plan to refrain from stopping by Walmart, my favorite place as I went to Target yesterday. I digress....
  • supper thoughts?  I have no idea, if it involves washing dishes, I'm not interested.
  • thinking about Abbie getting her first nail trim. Wondering how many people she has snapped and growled at by now?
  • thinking.....the day is not over yet......but only 1 more day till the weekend!!!! WOOHOO and then a whole week where I won't ask anyone "when was your last period?"  That brings joy to my soul!


  1. Not that you'll ever get around to visiting my store but if you do, there's a quilt store in the building.

  2. I love your list, especially supper thoughts and when was your last period!

  3. I hope you have a great week off - and about the dish washing - use paper plates - so much easier!!

  4. I agree with Deb about the paper plates!
    Hey...KY is not to far from TN!


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