Thursday, July 1, 2010

I yelled snake! He said worm.

Living in the woods brings lots of treasures and joys....and sometimes, the worms, and snakes and spiders and yucky stuff.

Tom, the cat, likes to bring us snakes, baby snakes. I'm surprised he hasn't gotten bit.

Our casual strolling in and around the house was like this:

mewhat's Tom looking at?

BG: a worm

me:  are you sure? that's a big worm. Worms don't have diamond-shaped heads!

BG standing over them:  Yep, that's just a worm.

me ,walking over there after looking at the SNAKE and yelling : THAT's A SNAKE! SNAKE SNAKE!

me, taking a stick after BG stomps on it over and over while it wiggles to it's death: SNAKE!


me:  that's a snake, OMG, a baby snake, where's the mama?  OMG, the electricians were here today with the basement door open. OMG! my sewing area, laundry, office....SNAKES!

BG: ok, it's a snake. (calmly)

me: so that's it?  just a snake? weren't you a Boy Scout?  I mean I'm a girlie girl and know that's a snake (not calmly)

BG:  well, we live in the woods and I didn't have my glasses on. (calmly in his Rhett Butler tone)

Me:  That's still a snake ( in my Scarlett accent) and I went promptly in the house.
I felt like grabbing some mint and making a mint julep.

So I give up. Tonight I will dream of snakes. I'm not an expert but Copperheads, deadly Copperheads are the common ones to our area and this one looks like a baby one.
So  much for trying to wander around the "yard" for relaxation tonight---in flipflops......

was it the fresh lemon balm?

or the troll?

or the butterfly bush?

or the mums blooming in July?

nope, my mind just remembers the snake.

  I know there are good ones and bad ones but in my mind all are bad, I really don't like them AT ALL!
All the lovely walks, woods, blooming of flowers and front porch rocking just can't cancel out screaming the word, SNAKE.

Reminds me of when we went tubing in the river with the kids. Brandon was a teen then and I was having a good day in July in a pink tube just floating along the river with alot of other folks, and then I hear Brandon behind me yell, SNAKE!
I still to this day don't know if he really saw one or just wanted to see me flop out of the tube and scream! He was always making jokes....but the word, and I'm convinced......LOL


  1. I don't know whether I want to laugh at how you told this story or cry because I don't like snakes either!!!!

  2. It sounds so scary. I hate snakes....I just dont know if I could do that...I really dont. Dianntha

  3. HAHA Yep, that was a snake. If I could see it's head and bring out our trusty ID book, I could tell you what species. (we're wierd like that)

  4. That story is enough to make a girl stay on the screened porch with an adult beverage!

  5. Yecch!! I don't like snakes either. But I like lizards... hmmm... Hope you are feeling better!

  6. It won't hurt you. But I wouldn't want it wandering around my house either!

  7. OMGosh! I hate snakes! I would be a nervous wreck living in the woods. I would be so afraid that my dogs or cat or my people would get bit! I am a yellow bellied person though, you are much braver than I.


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