Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Abbie's Day

It's Wednesday and Abbie has graduated from a larger indoor pen during the day and night to a small crate at night. The rest of the day she's queen of the house, the matriarch, the defender of home, the sweet love muffin of mine and protector of Ren.
So, today when I got home, she presented me with

  • 3 pairs of dirty underwear

  • old doggie treats she buried in mysterious places

  • torn up Ren's potty paper by pulling it through the crate......

  • gathered her favorite DMC floss colors which tend to be brown......Really....I digress....

  • and my robe drawn from the closet to a comfy spot in the hallway for her hiney to enjoy.
While home she gets a massage and rolls her eyes in the back of her head~~~

Watches for daddy to come home.

hears the security beep that he is coming down the driveway.

Tries to be pitiful that I left her all day long
And with this face, I do feel sorry for her........

she loves to hear the heartbeat.

and in 5 minutes, she's asleep. 

Poor Abbie, a stay -at home kid. She's dealing ok now that she rules the house....LOL


  1. My sweet Abbie. A little mischief is okay. That's the fun of being a princess!

    P.S. Would you like to join my recipe exchange and help spread the word?

  2. What a little honey, really we need to let them have fun my Peanut leaves little surprises on the bathroom floor so she needs to be kenneled whrn we are gone, she has limes disease, she is losing her hearing so we need to yell to talk to her, needless to say we had to let our neighbord know wec were not having a domestic just yelling to ask Peanut DO YOU NEED TO GO OUTSIDE, oh my I would do anything for my baby.

    Keep up the good work Abbie, BIG HUGS AND KISSES TO REN.

  3. She is so sweet. She was showing you what she did today... haha

  4. ...I am giddy with laughter...God bless little Abigail...I love her dearly; tried to buy one from my neighbor...she is a dear little thing...glad you get home when you do and before her "daddy" she did quite a bit of and so innocent looking asleep in your secure arms...she knows you need the laughs, too:)

  5. Yikes! Sounds like she had a lot of fun though, lol!


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