Saturday, June 12, 2010

A new visitor who took in resting on the porch today

Where is the cat?
Where are the Labs?
They must sleeping really hard right now or off on their Summer meanderings.

Well, anyway, this visitor was found hanging out on the back porch and making himself at home. Please excuse the paint job on the porch. Hopefully we will get this fixed soon. It's been on the Honey-to-do list for about two years now.

I guess the forest was boring to him today and instead of nuts, he has dog food to munch on.
I watched him for 20 minutes eat and then literally, lounge out after his feast on the deck.

yep, it's one of those days. I needed something to laugh about today because the rest of it is not so laughable!


  1. Pictures made me laugh too !! He is so cute !!!

  2. Jennifer Oh no, now you are dealing
    with the squirrels, wow that was daring of tue squirrel to come so
    near. Hope they do not get to be a pain the the butt for you.


  3. I can relate to that bloated little fella after a big meal...well I suppose the part where I COULDN'T relate is having a belly full of dog food! I thought I ought to clarify that.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I am having major squirrel problems. I had bird feeder by the fence and they would make a flying leap and eat the seed.I have corn out for them. I bought a pole and moved away from fence and I just saw two babies run up the pole. I know they have to eat too but I can't afford to feed them bird seed.grrr!

  5. He is an adorable little fellow. It doesn't look like he'll be too much trouble as long as you keep him fat and happy.

    I miss having squirrels hanging out around my house. Not sure if the foxes got them or the big dogs keep them away.

  6. What great photos! Such a cute little fella :-)


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