Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday morning in June

On Sunday mornings, time slows dow for me just a bit, to catch up on some Z's and to reflect on the past week.
I worship the Maker in whatever way I can and count blessings.
Here's hoping your Sunday morning is a good one!

This hangs in our home and reminds me of the seasons of life, not the actual weather changes, but the stages in life that we are promised always. There's one certainty in life and that is change. That's the only thing that remains constant. This I know for sure.

I certainly wish I could get credit for this piece below but I bought it already made. I love the embroidery, the quilting, and the flag.

 Flag Day is this week and I'm very proud of the American flag and what it represents. Freedom is one of the biggest blessings we have right now.

So Sunday is a day of rest and I hope to work on some stitching that I've so neglected over the past week. Stitching can soothe my soul. It's one thing I feel like I do right.

Here's my favorite local church. A place of hope. It's small but I love it.

Here's the link to the Celebrate Liberty Giveaway which includes 2 samplers.

The last day is June 15th so don't miss out for a chance!
There will be 2 lucky winners.

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  1. Such a peaceful post..... Thanks for that!! I would love to be included in a chance at your giveway....thanks again for all your generosity! Have a restful Sunday, Faye


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