Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Jane Austen Booklet arrived

I was so giddy at receiving the Jane Austen Booklet from the Sampler Girl's webshop in the mail yesterday that I decided to stitch Darcy and Me tonight. I used a cornflower blue color, DMC that I had leftover from another project. The linen is 32 ct R & R remnant in a color I can't remember at the moment.  I love Williamsburg blue colors anyways so I trimmed a little tiny piece of old fabric from my stash just on the edges to bring out the colors of rust and blue. I have to admit it would look more Regal in a better frame and this one was just convenient and from.....the dollar store......:::::embarrassed::::::
But anyway it satisfied my Darcy and Me evening with my Mr. Darcy as we took a long stroll after work, without any of the dogs, just us. The weather was perfect.

With the booklet I ordered some Jane Austen remnants from Tanya's shop as well as I plan to finish with a couple of other smalls in the booklet.

These will be fun Summer projects to work on in between other ones.
Netherfield Park looks like a good one to start on next!

Another busy day today and I can't believe tomorrow is Thursday already. I'm looking forward to a vacation in July, a big long road trip.


  1. Love how you finished Darcy & Me. Looks great !

  2. I like Mr. Darcy and the frame is nice. Your Heart of America inspires me to get my kit out and start stitching. I got it for my birthday 2 years ago.

  3. You are always so creative in your finishes! Nice job!


  4. gorgeous! I love the colors :)


  5. The fabrics are lovely Jennifer! I've never read Jane Austin so when I hear about Mr. Darcy and what not I am oblivious. I dont' do much reading. Sad huh?


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