Monday, June 7, 2010

Sweet things

Typical very busy Monday at work, came home to pick up on some stitching while I listened to Nancy Grace and the case of Vandersloot.........well, I guess I should have looked at the picture before I started the Sweet as I stitched in Wavy Navy CC and it's supposed to be DMC 221. I will leave it this way but I may change one of the other words to red.....maybe Freedom instead. This is the Sampler Girl design Sweet Land 1831 Patriotic Pocket.
Anyway, in between commercials, I went to the sewing area in the basement and got distracted with this charm pack. I have no idea what I'm doing as far as piecing this together but I've had it several months so I'm forging ahead.

This is a Moda charm pack of which name I can't remember but I think Nouvou???
Before I knew it, I had the length on one column for a possible runner......still haven't a clue, but we'll see how this turns out.

Pretty good for a couple of commercials, I thought!  LOL

And not that I'm using this trim for this at all, but I had this in my sewing area and want to show you. I got 1/2 yard of this at one of the quilt stores back a few weeks ago. It's really deceivingly heavy with all the buttons but I love it.
Probably will use on a pinkeep in some sort of way or a bag one day.

Speaking of bags, I pulled this from fabric stash as a possible liner for the little bag I'm working on with a Stacy Nash design.

Well, I think I will forge ahead with one of these projects until sleepy time.
Great news of the week is that the lightning storm did not wipe out my sewing machine!!!  WOOHOO!

We are back at walking after dinner again tonight and I think it helps with sleep but climbing those big hillsmountains in our neck of the woods at the beginning of Summer tells me I'm out of shape and need more exercise for sure.
Miss Abbie went for a stroller ride again and she barked alot. Will she ever calm down????  The question of the day. Her newest thing is to bring all 5 of her toys to my feet at the stitching chair and bite my toes and drop them one by one around my feet to get my attention to play throw and fetch with her.
She is Miss Personality indeed! She lives for the word, T-R-E-A-T just like Ren used to do before he lost his hearing.
Well, I'm rambling again.....hope you have a great evening, stay safe and till later......


  1. Little Abbie wants all your attention...huh?

  2. Lovely fabrics!
    Stitching is looking good.

  3. I think that fabric will look great for the Stacy Nash bag! Can't wait to see the finish.


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