Sunday, June 6, 2010

Started a Stacy Nash design and calling it a day

It's on a medium sized tote, in natural uneven weave linen
started a Stacy Nash design from my stash tonight~~Love Letters Pattern Book, Forget-me-not
Color inspired by Summer
Using Belle Soie Crescent colors silk in Icing, DMC 930, Gentle Art Cornflower, and Gentle Art Sampler Threads in Grape Leaf

The bag had been in my stash for 3 years, so making it useful now.

Methinks I will call it a day at 1am.


  1. What a kool idea. I would have never thought to stitch a bag! And the forget me knots, well they mean so much to me and my family, as my DH has Alzheimers. Where did you get the bag and the chart? I'd like to have one.

  2. That is going to look lovely! x

  3. Hello,Jennifer! :)
    Hoe are you today?
    I just found your blog,I read your comment at " Seasons Of My Mind".
    I live in Finland so please
    excuse me my funny english and the bad grammar! :)

    You stitchings are all so beutiful!
    Just love that bag!
    I admire your style,all America themed charts look so interesting and different than I have ever stiched.
    We here in Finland stich quite much charts origin in French or Britain.
    Someof the very popular ones are designers like Isabelle Haccout-Voutier,
    Le Jardin Privee etc.

    I live in middle of the country- side on a little village.My husband runs a trucking company and do also some farming so I am alone most of the time.
    Stiching ,cooking,reading blogs ..that is what most I do.

    I dont have a dog now (but I like all animals).
    Instead I have two tiny kittens, they are mix of the Finnish Farm cat and a Norwegian Forest-cat.
    They are both girls and are called Melissa and Namnine - they have so cute little faces !

    Have a nice day !

  4. The speed at which you stitch makes me dizzy!!! Seems you are starting a new project every other day. You inspire me.
    Oh and I LOVE the new blog look. Your home must be just gorgeous!

  5. That'll be a fabulous bag, Jennifer!

  6. Oh...I love the blues on that fabric....very pretty!

  7. I love this stitching on a bag. I have been going through my stash as well these past few months. The colors you are working with are lovely. I enjoy reading your blog.

  8. Rae Ann I got this bag on Ebay a couple of years back. Someone must have been clearing their stash at the time because it was a good deal. Have had it tucked away for quite some time. Haven't looked on Ebay for the bags lately but I bet there are some out there.

    Thanks for all the compliments!
    Welcome, newcomers. Love reading new comments from all over the world. I don't speak or read anything but English. I should put a translator thingie on my blog...good idea.


  9. Your bag is going to be lovely. What count is the bag made out of and what are the demension if you don't mind sharing.
    You will hate to see summer end after stitching this.
    By the way, love your new curtains and your kitchen. I really love the vase in the window with the flag in it. Looks very Americana, one of my favorite ways of decorating.

  10. The dimensions are on the label card tucked inside as follows:
    9 x 7 x 2.5 inches
    100 % cotton
    brand-Janlynn personal-wares "not so little tote" on the label
    The count is not on the card but my strong guess is 28 ct.


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