Sunday, June 6, 2010

Stitchers ADHD

Is there such a diagnosis as Stitchers ADHD?

The weekend has been productive for my right brain, that's for sure because it's bedtime and I'm thinking of other projects to start when I haven't finished the one I started yesterday.

Today, I remembered that I wanted to start Mansfield Park. It's a larger sampler and I have the recommended linen and threads. I'm resisting to start this one this week until I'm finished with the 2 others I'm working on.

Then again, I like In the Meadow with Jane Austen, as well.

 Last month I got the digital magazine  Gift of Stitching (GOS) membership and oh, how gorgeous is this sampler. Bright vivid colors and so pretty!

So, what makes our right brain work overtime sometimes?  It's working on me lately for sure!

I love color as you know by now, including fabrics too and have resisted starting a new hobby of quilting until I gain more skills on the sewing machine. Finishing the curtain panel this weekend helped and browsing through my fabric cabinet really spurred on more interest.

Just for grins and giggles, how many of you get GOS magazine?  I love it.....every single page and enjoyed the June edition over the weekend. Note to self----make sure to find a way to save to another hard copy or print my magazine as now I'm a little giddy when the thunder starts with these Summer storms. I am very lucky I didn't lose all my data I've stored, very lucky indeed.

Sometimes I have to wonder how I got into the field of medicine in reflection as it's definitely a left brain work of art and I will be  back to that tomorrow.

In doing much reading today, I have found that our stitching keeps our brains healthy, connected which is so important at our middle age years.

My mother in law used to tatt alot and also still does a cross word puzzle every single day.  She will be 92 in 3 months. I think this has helped her retain her great memory.

threads for Mansfield Park-absolutely beautiful and intriguing!

the linen

But this one would be perfect!

I do have the fabric to finish too.

but Mr. Darcy is catching my eye too.

and my 2 inch folder of freebies takes an entire drawer of itself to taunt me on occasion

which includes this freebie for Summer

And of course The Sampler Girl patterns have their own entire drawer of patterns which are so beauiful.
I could go on and on.

There are some positive things that stitching brings to my life. I get to choose, when, where, how, etc. and this is a rare thing to find in ordinary everyday doldrums of schedules.
Stitching is my outlet. My way of setting free from schedules and perfect timing and deadlines.

So what does stitching mean to you?
Do you too share some ADHD with me?


  1. Like you, sewing is my way to relax, my little world. Now that my children are older I can sew , you know , without a break!. But without ignoring other things like reading, restoring furniture or do a crossword every day like my mother made every day of his life, and had a perfect memory until the day of his death.

  2. I guess I have ADHD also, I think it comes with the craft once your hooked. Stitching to me is time for me to hide away in my own world. Dealing with everything in my life is a trial in itself. It's nice to know that I have my corner in the living room I can go to and although everyone sees me, I see no one! It is saving my sanity.

  3. I love the GOS too! I have been a subscriber since the very first issue. Stitching for me is my creative outlet, and it's the only thing I do for MYSELF that is all mine. It is a companion at times, like this weekend when BF was out of town for four days, and it's a comfort when I'm sick or having a bad day. It doesn't complain, talk back, say you aren't good enough, it's just always waiting there with fabric, beautiful threads, and the pattern, right where you left it. I love the Sweet Liberty pattern. I think you should do that one, in light of 4th of July approaching.

  4. Hi Jennifer! I always say that stitching is my sanity in this world! Without it, I think I would hear a lot of grumping around me!


  5. Stitching brings great joy to
    me. My favorite thing is to
    go to my private room where I
    keep all of my arts and crafts,
    and stitch there. I put on some
    music, usually Christian praise
    and worship, open my Bible so
    I can meditate on a few verses,
    and stitch away. Pure bliss...

  6. I have been a subscriber to GOS Magazine for over 2 years now, and I love it. I don't always get to stitch the designs, but there is always some great inspiration. As for why I is just a peaceful hobby, something to do with my hands. As for me, I am the process stitcher. If I finish a project, great! If I finish a project as a gift for someone, Super Great! If I actually finish a project for myself, Amazing! Love your posts.
    Have a great day.

  7. Oh yes! ADHD is a definite here. LOL
    Hon, if you can sew curtains you can definitely quilt. Just start simple. It's another learn as you go craft. Pays to take a class or two.
    Love, love, love GOS. been a sub for years & have all the back issues. I save mine on the computer then transfer them to an external hard drive. They can't be lost if that's not plugged in! A great place to store all my charts. Use it for quilting too.

  8. I like to think my crafter's ADHD is a good thing - because I start a project, then put it aside, start something else and something else and something else and eventually get back to the original project it seems brand new all over again. So there are times I have a ton of things going but then I come back and finish up several pieces in quick succession. Stitching of all types is a stress reliever and a sanity saver. It enriches my life in so many ways and I'm so glad I have time to enjoy it.

  9. Definitely have some stitchers ADHD too! :)
    There are just too many pretty things out there.

    Stitching is absolutely that one solid thing in my life I can rely on to be there. I love making little x's. Cause they are systematic and make sense. Unlike the rest of the world.


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