Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Stitching Partner tonight

She's my lump of sugar, Miss Abigail

who likes to watch me stitch.

And watch TV with me too.

She is usually patient for a break so that we can play

 But tonight she's really into Nancy Grace and the current case which makes me stitch with great tension in my linen. :O

She is a whole bunch of love all wrapped in little, sweet, soft, long white hair......
who likes the big chair.

She gets kissed alot!  Wanna send her a kissie???


  1. Kiss kiss! Auntie P would really kiss her if she were here.

  2. Kissie kissies to Miss Abbie, I'll kiss her all over and squeeze her, I guess she would get mad at me, lol, but I really like to!!!!, I just wish to be closer from you and spoil her and Ren :), you got the most lovely company for your stitching time <3, and in a funny note, my doggie uses to "stand" in the same way Miss Abbie's in the third pic, I almost haven't catched her in that pose, maybe small doggies use to do it, I think it's cute <3 <3 <3

  3. There is NO QUESTION, Abbie would be welcome in our home if she needed us...you know that. I'd be honored.

  4. Kisses and Hugs to Abbie ! She brings back memories of my dad's Pomeranium, always posing for the camera :)

  5. No Parsley I want her to be with me, lol! <3

  6. A big kiss to Abbie from Barcelona!!!!

  7. She is simply precious. I can
    imagine how soft she must be
    and, yes, oh so kissable!
    I love the piece you are using
    now as your header. It is just

  8. I will definitely send her a kiss - she's such a sweetie!!

  9. A very adorable stitching partner, May I borrow Miss Abigail??!!

  10. She is too cute!! Love the ears.

  11. Rory sends his kisses. :)

    Especailly since he just "discovered" girls this past weekend. LOL

    He is sending lots and lots of let's play kisses. :)

    I just love the photos. She is adorable.


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