Saturday, June 19, 2010

Here and There Finds with a Retro Flair

Strolled right through the quilt shop.....not intended to pick up anything but a couple of flosses....and ended up getting this book. I don't quilt but they are having a beginning quilting class series of 6 weeks starting in July and I might  will sign up.

By the way the garment bag behind this book is Emily pattern, Vera Bradley that I found as a rare item, hardly used at all on Ebay last week. I had several of Emily pattern pieces such as the hanging makeup bag, pencil case, curling iron holder, and another little piece. I never thought I would get the garment bag ever as it has been retired a long time.  Well, I found one this week.

I'm dreaming of one day being able to sew well enough to make items like this tea cozy. I know it probably looks simple to alot of people but I really have to work on my skills and my new machine.

Picked up this little pack with muted blues, golds and browns

to play with........

And picked up 2 fat quarters for a backing for a runner I hope to put in the kitchen this Fall. Am I dreaming or what????

A pretty little fat quarter that jumped in my hand.

And then found this spool.....

with a little nest topper. How cute for my sewing room?

and this basket......for a good deal

with 3 fabbie apples made with cinnamon sticks.....

a few old clothespins

And this must be retro week for me. This is an old dress I found and sorry for the was bagged awhile before I got it out of the hot car today. I love the simplicity, the vintagey pockets and rickrack. I would only wear this at home. It has a tie back sash in the back. The color is a muted teal with black trim.

A pretty little front and a simple old button in the back.

And of course, this little hand towel was so Summery and bright
and it's a fact here:

Oh, I also picked up at the quilt shop a remnant piece of this for some winter pillowkeeps.

Methinks I have enough to play with now.

Tomorrow I will show you Miss Abbie and........

her new bikini.......LOL  seriously......this will be fun...stay tuned.


  1. Jennifer I Love it all especially that dress! Gorgeous, and you are too so you should totally wear it anywhere your heart desires. Seriously; so cute with flats or espadrilles! ;)

  2. Looks like you had a very productive "retail therapy" day :) I am so glad you got some down time to unwind and refill. I've been in the medical field before and I know how draining it can be when you take care of strangers, family, furbabies and then sometimes, we as caregivers forget to take care of ourselves and that is when the trouble starts. So happy you had some you time. Kisses to the furbabies, esp Little Ren.

  3. Well, you sure found some
    pretty things. I keep
    saying I'm going to start
    quilting,too. Trouble is,
    I can't put my cross stitch
    down long enough to learn.

  4. Looks like a great day of shopping and some great finds.

  5. What wonderful treasures you found! I especially love the Thimbleberries fabric! 3's Company is a favorite!! Look forward to seeing your table runner when you're finished ;o)


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