Friday, June 18, 2010

Things I really dig in the Summertime

  • happy, fed animals
  • frozen pizzas after a long day of work
  • a cold glass of Merlot
  • longer sunny days
  • birthdays!
  • ice cream....any flavor
  • stitching Patriotic samplers
  • fresh fruits from the country farms
  • peach cobbler
  • walking in the mountains
  • wearing flip-flops
  • skinny jean capris
  • summer nights on the back porch
  • grilling out
  • fireworks in July
  • summer skirts that are cool and breezy
  • tanks of all colors
  • Dr. Pepper lip smacker
  • my front porch swing
  • books, books, and more books
  • dreaming of big samplers to start in the Fall
  • Albolene cleanser
  • red and blue ticking fabric
  • eating fresh tomatoe sandwiches with salt and pepper/Helman's Mayo
  • cucumber slices and pepper floating in vinegar
  • dreaming of vacations
  • sweet tea
  • ice cream sandwiches
  • watching flowers bloom randomly in the yard
  • watching June bugs after dark
  • strawberry everything
  • pretty pink fabbies


  1. Oh what fun! think I will do this on my blog! Come visit later tonight!

  2. Ahh...what a nice picture you paint. I'd love to come sit with you, have a cold drink, and sit back and stitch a little, each of us with a Chihuahua in our laps. That brings a smile to my face just thinking about it.

  3. I'm with Parse! Can I come too? ;)

  4. Yes, all are invited over to the porch for some cold watermelon......and don't forget to bring your stitching too.......and a doggie bone for Abbie........she needs another one to bury in the house.....LOL

  5. May I go, may I go?, I'd like to join in the fun, you're so lucky you're in summer, we're in winter, it's too cold and rainy..., brrrrrrrr, I'll bring a treat to Abbie and some ice creams for us, lol

  6. Sign me up for all of those! And please pass the ice cream sandwiches!

  7. I read alittle about Ren, and I feel for you. My doggy Brutus is also 17, and he seizures now almost daily, it's hard because one Brutus is so bad that you think the end is near, but then he wakes up the next day and acts like a puppy. Go figure! Hope Ren continues to hang in there. It's cool to meet another GA stitcher!

  8. What a awesome-sounding list! I've never used Abolene cleanser; maybe I should look it up!


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