Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My stitching on Tuesday

Maggee ordered this pair of scissors from The Nest Feathers Shoppe. I decided to stitch a simple matching fat quarter pouch for her to accompany this......so Maggee your order is in the mail first thing in the morning. I have a soft spot for Breast Cancer Awareness and had this fabric a long time before I got the scissors.
But I think it made a perfect match and maybe a usable little pouch too.

Then stitched a little on this piece by The Sampler Girl called Sweet Land 1831, a patriotic pocket.

The rest of the day was resting and watching lightening storms....strong storms and the electricity kept blinking. At one point the wind was at 56 miles an hour, reported by the weather channel. I thought sure we were getting a tornado at one point but we didn't.
There was some flooding in Helen.

Tomorrow I will draw 2 names for the give-a-way so stay-tuned!

Hope you enjoyed your Tuesday!


  1. What a sweet piece of lagniappe Maggee is going to receive with her scissors. I remember you every time I use my beautiful Ginghers, I am sure Maggee with do the same.

    I am looking forward to following your progress on Sweet Land 1831.

    Glad you fared well during your weather event.

    Give Ren & Abby a scratch behind the ears for me.

  2. Oh my, it is lovely! You didn't have to do that Jennifer! But I appreciate your thoughtfulness...


  3. That pouch looks to be made from the same "paint" as those scissors! Incredible. I like the new patriotic start, can't wait to see it in all its glory. Smiles....

  4. Nice! Hope you are doing well today Jennifer.

  5. Great start on your project Jennifer. And have to love those scissors don't you. That's cool that there is matching fabric.

  6. What a sweet little pouch for a gorgeous pair of scissors! Your stitching is really looking great too. I love Tanya's designs.

  7. What pretty fabric ..looks great with the scissors!

    I just finished stitching Sweet Land .. hoping to make it into something this weekend :)


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