Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday morning Sunshine

Field thoughts to me are happiness and joy,
While I can lie upon the pleasant grass,
And track some little path and so employ
My mind in trifles, pausing as I pass
The little wildflower clumps by, nothing nursed
But dews and sunshine and impartial rain;
And welcomingly to quinch my Summer thirst
I bend by the flaggy dyke to gain
Dewberries so delicious to the taste;
And then I wind the flag-fringed meadow lake
And mark the pike plunge with unusual haste
Through waterweeds and many a circle make,
While bursts of happiness from Heaven fall;
There all hopes: her fields are free to all.

~~John Clare

I found this little tiny card yesterday in an antique store and it had the prettiest poem on the back.

 Hope you enjoy as the sunshine here is already 85 degrees.  Weatherman says at least 10 days of hot weather with very little chance of rain each day. I do count my blessings that living in the mountains tends to have cooler nights even when the days are hot.

My mind in trifles, pausing as I pass........

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  1. Love the poem and your home is really beautiful too.


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