Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Flag Day Week and a sampler

I finished this piece in 2006 and stitched it for Brandon. I believe it's a Lizzy Kate but not sure....can't remember but during this time of year I rummage through photos of my patriotic stitching and so thankful I took a pic of this one.


Blessings I count EVERY day!!!!!

I wonder if he still has this somewhere now?  The frame came from my LNS at that time and I thought it really complemented the sampler. I think I still have the pattern somewhere....yep, I must look for it again.

Hope your day is well. I had a great long visit with my Godmother and friend Dot. She is great company and definitely fits the Jane Austen phrase "Friendship is the finest balm".

It's super hot here now with high humidity and I'm getting through the first earache/fever since I was in middle school, I believe. It's one painful thing, let me tell you.  I slept 0 hours until 5am this morning and I count my blessings for "black out curtains" so that I slept till 10am on my day off.
We are still working on several things that happened in the last couple of weeks including all the lightning damage and ID theft issues. In fact there will be someone working this afternoon at the house on something damaged and I think I will just resort to "my studio" upstairs and stitch by the afternoon light to stay out of their way.

Till later,


  1. Cute Flag Day Picture !! Hope things start looking up for you !!!

  2. Hope your earache goes away! No fun to have to be in the house feeling lousy when repairmen are working and shuffling around. Do hope they get things fixed soon though.

    I'm back to normal now. YEAH! Well..almost normal....

  3. What a great sampler!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Cute sampler!! It looks lovely :)

    And hope you're feeling better ~ I don't think there's anything worse than an earache... except maybe a toothache!

  5. That design is from Ewe & Ewe & Friends :-) It's very cute and looks great in that frame!

    I've been having earache problems lately too and they are NO fun. Hope you're feeling better soon!

  6. A very lovely sampler!

    A while back you mentioned something about "Gone with the Wind" and having visited a museum about it. Recently, my sister and I visited the Road to Tara Museum in Jonesboro. It was so worth the visit. I found out during that trip that she is a GWTW nut as well. I think that's who I will be stitching that chart for that I won from you a while back. Yeah!!

  7. Very cute! That's actually a Ewe and Eye and Friends piece and it's adorable!

  8. Love the Flag day piece! That is beautiful, thank you for sharing! I hope things start getting better for you, and things start getting sorted out! Looks like you know how to overlook things with your great idea of stitching by the afternoon sun! Sounds like therapy to me!

  9. What a beautiful finish. I love seeing people post things from the past like that. I hope you're feeling better!


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